Shipping the INFP

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INFP with an ENTJ (spiffystud )
INFP with an ENFJ (me)

My conclusion of ENFJ came from the fact that INFP's dominant function is Feeling, and it would work quite well with someone who shares this, but uses it in a different way. INFP starts with Fi as ENFJ starts with Fe. Doing this flips the P/J preference and the I/E preference, causing the two to have a slightly different approach to the world.

The INFP is typically laid back and indecisive as this approach causes their partner (the ENFJ) to be more structured and decisive. They make up for what the other lacks fairly well.

Their Feeling-Feeling attribute brings out the caring nature in the both of them which makes them more selfless. Even if there are conflicts, both the partners are forgiving, and hence, they sort out things soon. They share a very warm, romantic relationship.

INFP with an ENTJ
Keirsey ideal type matching method
(Not mine)

If you are an introvert, switch it to extravert.
Keep your second function the same so sensor with sensor and intuitive with intuitive.
Switch your third function, so thinker with feeler and feeler with thinker.
Switch your fourth function, so judger with perceiver and perceiver with judger.

The compatibility for ENTJ would be an INFP. They are said to be ideal compatibility best for personal growth. This pair is almost ideal if both people are mature and tolerate/respect the different ways of thinking, so be open minded.

Why are ENTJs and INFPs compatible? They look so different except for the N they share and it really helps. It comes in play for the way they communicate being more abstract in comparison to sensors who are literal and concrete.

What also comes into to play is the Te and Fi function they share. Although for INFP, Te is their inferior, while Fi is ENTJs inferior function, but if both are open to self improvement the relationship could bring balance to their life. You know who the more rational one is and the more compassionate one is. This is never a competition between the two but pure admiration.

What each type gains from the relationship is that an INFP tends to get too lost in their head, which the ENTJ is not afraid to bluntly point out bringing them back to reality. While an ENTJ can get so consumed into achieving their goal that they forget they're "human" causing them to block out friends, family or events, which the INFP is able to emotionally bring back. .
Both types put a lot stress on in loyalty, genuineness, honesty and they both dislike display of fakeness in affection or any form of fakeness in general (Fi). It works as a great glue for their bond.
What I think is cool about this pairing is that if both people are open-minded and their Fi kicks is, there is no filter. Obviously sometimes the ENTJ might say something rude and not realize it, but if they go back and apologize, it's completely okay, because the INFP understands that for you to do that means they are important to you. For the most part, the INFPs who are trying to grow prefer it if the ENTJ says something rude because they know it's honest and will help be the best version of herself/himself.I don't recommend this to ENTJs who are newly friends with an INFP because they will cut you out of their life in seconds. You need to be 'in' before you say this sort of stuff.
To an ENTJ, I think they like the INFPs authenticity, their deep understanding of people, knowing what makes themselves happy and the fact they kinda just scream authenticity. I feel like ENTJs struggle to find out what they want to what they need to survive, so I think they admire the INFPs courage to do whatever the hell they want. The deep understanding of people really plays a part I think with a INFP/ENTJ relationship/friendship. The Fi doesn't provoke you to speak your emotions and is complex to the point regret can be felt 20 different way. An INFP being Fi dominant really knows how to help an ENTJ deal with their low understanding/connection to their feelings.

Struggles That They May Face
ENTJ being too controlling or directive
ENTJ being to blunt or critical
ENTJ may resist to the fact their is problem with them or their relationship (emotionally mainly)
INFP not being vocal when they have a problem with the ENTJ
INFP ignoring logic
INFP taking the criticism to heart

Tip: To ENTJs be extra careful if you think you may have said something offensive just apologize and to INFPs before thinking their perspective is rude, question it and try to understand. Discuss your problems with one another in a respectful manner instead of silent treatments or passive aggressiveness.

I don't believe in 'ideal' types, so don't go around thinking the next INFP or ENTJ will be the one because that's irrational. Chemistry is needed and so is some compatibility for it to actually work. Reading about this ideal matching relationship/friendship (depending on what you want), might make you more patient and open minded next time you meet an ENTJ or INFP.

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