Our Drive to NYU

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Riley's POV

It has been a month since I broke up with Lucas. Lucas chose Maya, which I can understand because she is my best friend. They're not gonna last. So much has happened since the first day of high school. So much I like, but also so much I hate.

Farkle and Smackle had a fight yesterday. Apparently Smackle likes someone else but is hiding it from Farkle. Hm.. I mean we ALL know she has a thing for Lucas. The question is, does he feel the same?

All these thoughts come whispering into my mind and they won't get out. What if I lose Maya? How could I live in this world?

I hear a faint voice from the distance.

"Riley! Hey Riley! It's so good to see you! I've missed you."

It's Farkle. I haven't seen him in a week, he was in Japan with his parents. It feels like months though, that's how much he matters to me.

I notice something different about him. His hair is shorter but his bangs fall gently across his forehead and his blue plaid shirt makes his blue eyes stand out.

I run over to him in excitement.

"I've missed you too!! You have no idea how bad my science jokes were without you! Well you're the only one that laughs at them."

We giggle and embrace in a warm hug. It feels like minutes but he lets me go and we're gazed in each other's eyes as I look away. Wow.

Farkle's beautiful.

My happiness is gone once I see Lucas hand in hand with Maya. I haven't talked to him that much since we broke up.

"Hi Riley." He says.

I struggle to get words out of me but I say this, "Hey... you!"

There's been tension between me and Maya. She's forgotten about me since she got the boy of her dreams. Sometimes I just want her to break up with Lucas as soon as possible so I don't have to lose her.

"Riley. Aw there's my beautiful friend."

She gives me an awkward hug and just steps back before I burst.

"Hey Farkle. Where's Smackle?" I can't help but wonder where she is because I mean.. she's Farkle's, isn't she?

Farkle loses track for a second but then remembers.

"Oh yeah! She's coming back from her debate. She'll be here in a few minutes."

His smile turns into a frown when we sees her walking down the street to see us.

"HI GUYS!!!"

She merges all of us into a weird awkward group hug thing that I can't stand.

"Guess you've gotten used to the hug thing, Smackle!" Lucas smirks at her.

"Pff.. yeah. Who wouldn't hug you, huckleberry!"


"Anyways, are we heading to the car?" Maya asks.

"Car? Cars are for amateurs. We're riding a limo baby!!" I cheer.

Everyone smiles in shock. We all run to the big black limo and head in for our 10 minute ride.

I get a spot next to Farkle, surprisingly Smackle doesn't mind. Maya sits up front while Smackle sits with Lucas. Strange strange girl.

"Nice, isn't it?" I tell Farkle.

He smiles and looks back at me. I can't help but notice his beauty, inside and out. Do I think Farkle is attractive? Yes.

"Thank you, Riley. You always think of others first. You're a great friend."


As the drive comes to an end, we climb out of the big limo and onto the campus of NYU!!

"This is great!" Lucas shouts.

"I want to be here some day." Maya claims.

"Eh, boring." Smackle rolls her eyes.

We see uncle Josh holding out a big sign that says "Welcome to NYU, freshmans!" and I can't help but laugh.

I look over at Maya. Her face is indescribable. Is she happy to see him, or is she not?

We greet Josh with smiles and stares. Maya walks up to him.

"Hi Josh! It's been like, forever!"

"Yeah, since the time you made me drive you and your friend home!"

"Oops." She laughs.

They hug- wow this is awkward.

Lucas is uncomfortable probably.

"C'mon! I'll show you around. There's a lot to see."

Josh is our tour guide for our amazing trip to NYU. We see many things. College students on their phones, some street performers even, and bright faces with big smiles. If only I could feel that way.

We walk into the information center, then across to the dorms. Josh brings us into his room, and believe me. IT'S A MESS.

"Oops.. college living guys. Sorry. Haha!"

We can't help but laugh. Oh Josh.

"Hey Farkle! Hi." Smackle does her weird smiley face thing. I don't even know.

"Oh hi, Smackle. We got off on a wrong place last night."

"Yeah.. that's the past though. You're still worth it to me. I love you."


But he doesn't say I love you back.

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