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What exactly is #projectINDIA ? What do we aim for? What are the ways in which you can support us?

That's exactly what you'll be understanding in this chapter!

What is #projectINDIA ?

#ProjectIndia is a campaign run by individuals on Wattpad who experience and are interested in Indian culture. It's a place for both, people who are familiar, and people who are not-too familiar (but of course, willing to learn a thing or two) with our ways, languages, religions, diversity, and much more!

This account is also an account, used to spread the word that—hey, India isn't a cow-herding, road-less country full of farmers and cows. Because, yes, there are actually still people who think that India is a country riddled with poverty and ignorance.

What are our aims?

To create a greater appreciation for literature with different forms of diversity.

To banish stereotypes.

To spread diversity.

To make people realise that India has developed much more than they thought.

To educate people on our culture, traditions, etc.

To create a little corner in Wattpad for Indian writers (and people interested, of course!) to socialise, help out, and do much more!

In what ways can you support us?

You can promote our cause by writing about it, or giving a name or link in your bio to our account.

You can tag your book with #projectINDIA and let us add it to our reading list!

You can put the official sticker of our cause—link in our bio—on your cover. If you need help with that, just contact us, and one of our ambassadors will gladly assist and help you!

You can put the official banner—again, link in bio—on your profile picture, or book. Again, if you need help with that, contact us by DMing our account!

Tell an Indian homie about our account! We're almost always online here 24x7 and will be glad to chat, clear up doubts, and help with cover needs!

And that's it for now, everyone! DM us or comment below if you have any doubts or, well, comments about this account. We'll be glad to hear them!

Thanks, and loads of love,
Anaya [ vandalizing ]

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