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You gently tapped your husband's bare shoulder, trying to shake him awake. "Patrick," you cooed.

He hummed in response before you giggled and shook him harder with your right hand trying to make the white duvet stay over your naked body. "Wake up, honey."

"Five minutes more," he sleepily responded, covering more of himself under the pillow.

"You're not a teenager, Patrick. Wake up! You're going to miss the morning!"

"Oh, well, that's so sad," he retorted sarcastically. You smirked before turning over to the side of the bed and getting your polaroid from your bag.

"Fine, play it that way."

You took a picture of him sleeping as it printed the image out on the paper, shaking it until you saw it (and here come the anti-song reference group coming my way). He must've heard the sound that the camera made because he shot up as his messy blond hair fell over his forehead.

"What was that?"

You tried hiding the smile on your face while your eyes scanned the picture. He leaned over and saw himself on the picture, causing his eyes to widen.

"You took a picture of me while I'm asleep? Give me that, no one is allowed to see that. It's forbidden from any other human being besides you and I to be allowed seeing it."

You chewed on your bottom lip as your smile widened. You knew that he hated it when you took a stolen shot of him; he said that it was weird and he didn't want the fans to see them.

"Give me," he said as he tried snatching it from your hand. You stuck your tongue out at him and jumped off of the bed, taking his shirt and boxers and putting it on swiftly. He stared at you in shock as you ran downstairs, then started looking around for something to wear. He decided to just take your pajamas from last night and wore them even though it left him with no shirt. He ran after you before he caught up with you in the kitchen before holding his arms securely around you so you wouldn't run away.

"Give me the picture."

You shot a look at him. "No."

"Fine, you leave me no choice."

He then shot his lips on yours, his hands taking the picture while your body was weak from the shock and the kiss.

He smirked as he pulled away and showed you the picture. "Thank you!"

You took out your polaroid from your other hand as his jaw dropped. "I always come prepared."

You pressed on the camera button before rushing upstairs with him running after you.

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