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This story is Rated-R for obvious reasons. It is also LGBT based so if you have a problem with homosexuality please do not hesitate to exit from this page. Mpreg, Violence, Sex, and death are all mentioned and preformed in this story. If you have any problem with these please do not hesitate to leave. 


Knotting: Just before a Wolf cums the centre of it's penile shaft expands out. So the cum doesn't leak out. This happens to ensure the population of ones pack. This is a dog thing, turned into a Wolf thing for breeding purposes. 

Mating: A right of passage for all wolves at the age of shifting. A wolf without his/her mate is not a complete wolf at all, but in fact, a sad existence of what he/she could truly be. 

Mating Bond: A bond so strong, so powerful, that it rarely happens. If a mating bond occurs the wolf will gain more power. This is rumoured to happen merely so the wolf has a better chance of protecting its mate if and when the time comes that he is forced to. If the wolf's mate dies he no longer wishes to live, feeling empty and cold. Same goes for the mate if his/her wolf dies.  

Alpha: The leader, protector, and father figure of the pack. This wolf makes the hard decisions and lives with the guilt alone so none of the others must feel the burden the power brings. The Alpha is always male. 

Beta: The Alpha's right-hand. He/She does everything in his/her power to maintain close relationships within the pack, while also making sure that the Alpha does not lose himself to the power. 

Omega: The bitch of the pack. Usually very weak, but will tend to want to prove him/herself the most to the Alpha and the Beta. Determined to please, no matter the cost. 

The Bite: Something only done between mates and usually only ever done in the heat of the moment. Signals to others that the human is taken and to be left alone. If The Bite occurs between a wolf and a human that has a mating bond the bite can be used to bring immense pleasure. Usually found on the neck, forearm, or shoulder. 

Tattoo: A simple moon tattoo beneath the left eye shows rank within the pack. The Alpha will be found with two crescent moons, filled in, beneath his left eye with a smaller, distinct black circle symbolizing the eternal bond between himself and the pack. The Beta will have the two crescent moons, one shaded and one hollow, and the others will be found having only one crescent moon, hollow. Wolves are born with the Tattoo, they do not mark themselves. It is said that it is to let the pack know of the power of the newborn. 

Healer: A trusted man/woman brought into the pack for his/her skills with medicine and majic. 

Seer: A person of deep wisdom and unbridled knowledge. Always able to see more than the others, usually more than humanly possible. Seen as the Alpha's true voice, speaking only to him and his mate. Very quiet. The Seer is usually a woman, however, on rare occasions the Seer can be a man. 

Nomads: Rogue wolves usually always casted out of their pack for evil deeds against mates. They are to never be trusted but can be incredibly cunning and deceiving, weaseling themselves into a human's home. They are usually branded as Shadows of the Night

Daemon: A paranormal, often malevolent being involved deeply in the pack. Usually seen as a fiend to the human world, the Daemon actually brings great protection and power. They tend to be the less-friendly of the pack, however, and are never left alone. 

 Human: A Being with absolutely no power, however, he/she can be one of the most powerful things alive, though it is usually with the gift of mouth. Paired with a Wolf and they become untouchable. Usually seen as weak due to the fact that they cannot heal as quickly and depend on medicines. The bearer of children and the mate of wolves. 

Witch: Was once a Healer but was tossed aside by his/her pack. Now he/she is set out to bring great harm to others. 

Mpreg: The state in which a male mate becomes pregnant due to the fact that he is mated to a male wolf. All male mates can become pregnant if their wolf is a male. Miscarriages are a higher risk. All births are done through surgical means. 

Mother: The woman of the house. Usually older and much wiser than the others, usually related to the Seer. The mother takes care of her pack as if they were her babies, never over stepping her bounds around the Alpha. The Alpha will usually always has a higher respect for Mother and Seer

The Unspoken: Human children born of wolf desent. These children are usually seen as pathetic and weak, due to the fact that they do not carry the wolf gene. They're born without the marking of a wolf. 

The Red Mark: An elegant, difficult series of designs that appear across the collar bones when a Mating Bond occurs. The human mate is said to wear these marks proudly but humbly, never bragging of his/her marks simply out of fear of Nomads and Witches out to bring harm to the Alpha and his pack. Though there is no need to hide them but instead wear them publicly, most do. Only the Human mate wears the Red Mark, his Wolves name elegantly written in in a secret language between Seer's, this allows Seer's to know who the Human's mate is if they are to ever find themselves alone. It also signifies to other packs not to touch the Human mate. The marking can look like anything, however, the most common marking is spirals and moons, letters of the Seer's secret language spelling out his/her Wolves name looping within the spirals. The Red Marking is always either blood red or deep charcoal black, depending on his/her Wolf. Red symbolizes strength, power, and loyalty. Black symbolizes darkness and deceit.

Notus: God of the South Wind | Also: Notus City is the Captial of the Southern Region.

Eurus: God of the unlucky East/Southeast wind | Also: Eurus City is the Captial of the Eastern Region. 

Zephyrus: God of the West wind : Zephyrus City is the Captial of the Western Region

Boreas: God of the North Wind | Boreas City is the Captial of the Northern Region. 

Thought you might want to know this so you have a better understanding of everything. Basicaly, there is no America, there is no England, no Spain, no Japan or Russia, Germen or Swedian, no Mexico - they are simply Regions connected to a mass of land over water. 

Alantis: the oceans. 

Halcyon: a mythical bird said by ancient writers to breed in a nest floating at sea at the winter solstice, charming the wind and waves into calm | Also: the name of the town Lunar and his mother move to.  

Though they do not live in our world they have pretty much everything we have; cars, cellphones, computers, advanced mechanics, etc. 


 That's it for now. If I think of anything else that I need to add to this before putting out the first chapter I will :)x 

 This is also a completely different story than FWS, which I have taken down due to the fact that I'm writing this :)x 


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