Ariana Grande Facts #20

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500 Facts About Ariana Grande

By: iHeartMoonlight

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Fact # 191: They are now great friends as they are under the same management

Fact # 192: Ariana started filming for Sam & Cat on September 18, 2012

Fact # 193: Ariana and Liz are extremely close. They stay up late together, and sing together, as shown multiple times on Ariana's YouTube channel and their tweets.

Fact # 194: Her debut tour was called The Listening Sessions.

Fact # 195: Her single "The Way" went double platinum.

Fact # 196: Ariana said that she likes Demi Lovato's single called "Heart Attack".

Fact # 197: She also said that Demi sounded amazing in the song

Fact # 198: Ariana was in a TV Nickelodeon movie called Swindle, along with several other Nick stars where she portrayed a very peppy cheerleader named Amanda Benson

Fact # 199: Ariana loves to wear dresses especially by American designer Kenley Collins

Fact # 200: On October 1, 2013 she reached 10 million followers.

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