Chapter 1

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Whaaaaaatttttt!!!! The boys screamed.

"Yes,we are going today and that's final"said the principal of the elites,Zeref.

"But master the belles are just a group of  girls that do nothing but gossip about dresses"9 year old Laxus shouted.

"Well,we'll see if you get along with them for one day.If not,then you won't have to meet them again and I'll buy you all some ice cream,is that clear?"said Zeref calmly.

"Yessss!!!"everyone squealed happily.

...Meanwhile in the belles' group...

"How can we go on a trip with the elites?their dirty and they always like playing in the mud",a girl said

"I'm sure they'll treat you like women " the principal,Mavis said calmly

"But what if they bully us?"Asked 7 year old Juvia.

"Don't worry Juvia I will make sure those boys won't lay a finger on you"said 9 year old Erza

"Thank you Erza but the boys will be the ones protecting you.You see,the boys there are very protective and will protect their nakama no matter what happens to them.i'm sure you will all make great friends with them." Said Mavis calmly

"Alrighttttt!!!"the girls sighed

"That's my girls!!!" Said Mavis

Sorry it was kinda short but I will try to make the next chapter long.The next chapter will be about all the couples but I will be focusing mainly on nalu and I hope you liked this time's chapter.


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