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Pen Your Pride

A/N: Please listen to Ed Sheeran's beautiful song Tenerife Sea while reading this chapter. This chapter was actually rewritten but only half way through. The actual featured song for this chapter is We Will Rock You by Queen and this chapter was suppose to be light and fun, but I decided to change it because the previous chapter that I decided to change was kind of cringey. Song is attached on the top by the way and hope you guys enjoy!

* * *


Such a wonderful day to start a party with Margaret Louise Carter attending it- note the sarcasm.

It's Friday, which means sadly today is the party that Collin, Zach and Tyler invited me to and I couldn't help but be not so excited because the dreadful scenarios kept proceeding to pop inside my head one at a time as the minutes pass by in a blur. But quite frankly, there's no turning back now.

It's already 7:59 pm and only half of an hour away before the three including Jasper pick me and Evan up here in the Williams mansion. And considering how much of a sucker I am to think this was a good idea, telling my parents about it was my first attempt to shake my way out of this.

Because yesterday when I returned to my original home to get my other belongings that I left- I thought it would be an evilly good idea to tell them I'm going to a party just so that maybe I can have good reason to escape this torment of an attendance I need to do.

And my parents reaction was beyond my expectations- they were ecstatic. They were jumping up and down about how I was going to attend my first party and they were even in the state of actually hosting a celebration about it.

So safe to say, my master plan did not work and so I am force to go whether or not I like it. Hesitations have been building up inside my head but I knew this was just going to be a decent decision otherwise.

So here I am picking my party clothes for tonight. Lucky me!- again. Note the sarcasm.

"You are not wearing that." I suddenly jolt up as I saw Evan leaning in against the door frame of my bedroom with a raised eyebrow and unsatisfied look on his face.

I put my hand over my chest as I pant "How long were you been standing there?" I asked.

He thought about it "Long enough to observe you rummage through your piles of unwanted clothing and seeing you just obliviously try them on."

I put both of my hands on my hips as I gave him a stern look "Excuse me? Who are you to criticize what I'm suppose to be wearing?"

"We're going to a party Carter. This is not some slumber party where you just wear any kind of clothing you want. So how about you change your clothes and just listen."

I glared at him before I look down on my outfit. What's wrong with it? I'm just wearing a white tank top, blue cardigan, black jeans and converse. For all I know this is the perfect kinds of clothes to be wearing to a party. Or so I think...

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing. Isn't this-" I gestured to my attire "-party material?"

Evan scoffed at my statement which earned another look from me "Look, Travis Ford's party is filled with popular kids who wear stylish clothing and try their best to look good. If you show up wearing that abomination you call an outfit, it wouldn't take long before Travis orders his bodyguards to kick you out of his party thinking some stranger just sneaked in to have some fun, uninvited."

"I don't give a single flying fuck about what Troy or Travis or whatever the hell his name is, thinks about what I'm wearing neither do I to the people I'm going to be surrounded with. So how about you, and the other people in the party just suck it in. Because I'm wearing what I'm wearing."

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