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Hello, and welcome to #projectINDIA! It's Anaya here, and I'm going to give you a quick summary of our project, and what is stands for.

India, like any other country, has come far from where it started out. It has developed in various forms—and one that stands out is in its literature.

Some music videos and forms of media portray us as a colourful country—which we definitely are—but one that is under-developed. We're here to show the world that we are just as capable as any other country.

This account is for those who are interested in and who experience Indian culture everyday; you don't need to be an Indian to explore culture or understand the meaning of religion, diversity, and so much more.

Our sticker has finally arrived, and so has our banner; the link is up in our bio—put it up on your profile or books to support our cause! In the meantime, you can put the hashtag #PROJECTINDIA on your book, and we'll add it to our reading list for users to check out!

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