The perfect date

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Kian's Pov
Maria grabbed my hand and we were out the door. God she looks so beautiful.
"Where we going?"she giggles
"Idk. You're the one dragging me"
We laugh and get in the car

We start driving and soon arrive at the fairway on the beach
She jumps into my arms when we get out of the care
"I fricking love fair ways"
"I thought you'd like it"

Maria's Pov
Kian made the night perfect. He took me to the fairway on the beach. It's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done.

It's sad that the only reason he's doing this is for sex tho(😔)

Kian's Pov
I took Maria on every ride there. She looks so beautiful when her hair was messy from the wind and rides

I had such an amazing time with her. Tonight was the most perfect date ever.
"Hey you ready to go home"-M
She looks sad. Idk what was wrong. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back. I pushed her hair that was in her face behind her ear and leaned it

Maria's Pov
Kian kissed me... I had to kiss him back. It was the deal.

I didn't feel sparks or butterfly's.
"I really like you"
"What's wrong"
"Nothing. We should go home"

Kian's Pov
I didn't know what was wrong but k wasn't gonna push it. I grabbed her hand and went to the car.

When we got home we went up to my room. She started getting undressed
"You don't have to do that you know. I wanna get to know you first"
"Thank you"
She kissed my cheek and climbed into bed wearing her PINK brand panties and PINK brand tshirt

I wrapped my arms around and she fell asleep in my arms watching sponge bob
I love you all so much
You all are beautiful and amazing
Thanks for reading
Message me if you ever need me
Stay beautiful 😘✌🏽️

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