Chapter 15

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I just want I say again thanks for reading my book it means a lot. I swear I thought it was soooo bad.

Nicole's POV

Me and the girls went and got ready for supper. (Outfits above)
I put my hair into two French braids and my usual makeup.

We walked out and everyone was ready and we left. We went to the restaurant that me and Jacob were supposed to go on the first day. 😒 that day sucked big time. Anyways were got there and ordered. Brandon sat in my left side and Cartah sat on my right. The girls were speed out around the table because they were comfortable with everyone now.

We were talking and everyone asked "who was that guy that was at the hospital when you were in a coma?" Brandon knew it was Dylan because I tell him everything he's my best friend and could be more in the future. (Along with the other tree don't worry) He saw I was getting tense and he put his hand in my left leg and gripped it to calm me down. "Oh just a friend from back home..." I said and tried to hold back tears. The girls all looked at me and dani mouth 'it's okay, you'll be okay'

"Just a friend ehh?! Just a friend wouldn't come all the way form California all the way here in Dallas" Taylor said and Carter Aaron and smirked at him. "Ah nope ju-j-just a-a f-friend" I said really choked. Cameron smacked Taylor's arm signalling that it wasn't a good time I be saying that stuff. "Um, ah I'm j-just goning to excuse myself I've gotta use the bathroom" I stood up and Taylor said "no I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that Nicole" I said back - "no no it's um it's fine" I got up and walked to the bathroom in the lobby. I got into the bathroom and went into one of the stalls and put down the toilet seat, pulled my legs into my chest and cried.

"Nikki?" I heard Dani say. (As you can tell dani has been my closest friend for a while. Actually since we were born! Our moms are bet friends!) "I'm o-o-okay *choppy sigh*" "nik, I know it's hard for you and um well it's gonna be okay"

*from outside the washroom door*
"Nikki!? I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought that up or said any of that" and we heard Taylor sigh.

Bold = Nicole  Normal = Dani

I ignored him for now and whispered to dani "this is all so hard for me, he asked me out right when things were changing for me. Right when I thought I'd actually mean something to a guy. And I never thought that'd happen during school, and on the plane here when Jacob started flirting with me I was mad that dylan had finally to me how he felt right as everything changed for me." "Awe Nicole... Can you please come out?" I slowly got off the toilet seat an opened the stall door and threw myself on Dani. "I love you Dani. Your not my best friend. Your my sister and always will be" I smiled at her. "I know Nicole. Your mine and always will be my sister. Nicole can I see your wrists? Please?" She asked that part a lot quieter. We pulled apart from the hug and I hesitated. "Please Nicole? I'll uh, Ill show you mine" I saw a tear from her eye fall onto her cheek. I took off my bracelets and showed we the three fresh cuts. She showed me hers. "Dani, what are your reasons?"
"1.) wishing someone actually liked me. Like full on liked me
2.) I wish my family life was better
3.) and finally to be able to be a better friend......"

"W-what do you mean a better friend?" I asked her
"Well I don't um. Your gonna be so mad at me. I'm sorry nik. I'm sorry."
"I'm not gonna be mad, maybe jelly but not mad."
"I'm s-ssorry. But after you uh left, me and Dylan hungout quite a bit and I kissed him. M-multiple ttttimes."
"You kissed him?"
"See I knew you'd be mad" she wipe her tears looked into the mirror and walked towards the door. I grabbed her arm.

"I'm not mad. I could never be mad about that. I'm jealous you kissed him before me" I laughed and she laughed
"Thank you for not being mad." We hugged again and I elf her tight. "What are your reasons?"
"1.) stress
2.) hate from anytime one of the boys posts a picture and I'm in it. Basically Some of their fans hate me. And send me death wishes
3.) everything always gets messed up for me and I can't fix it"
We hugged each other for like a minute. We fixed our makeup from crying and then went back out. Taylor saw me and ran over. "I'm so so so so so very sorry I said any of that. I love you like a little sister and I feel so bad" he looked at me and I just stood there looking up at him.
"Taylor it's okay. That subject just gets me upset"
" I'm so sorry Nicole."
I hugged him and he picked me up to hug me. He spun around and put me down and said "are we good now?" "Yes we are" I smiled at him and then he hugged Dani because he noticed her eyes were puffy too. We walked back in and sat down. "You okay?" Everyone was asking me
"Yes, I'm good" Carter hugged me and Brandon held my hand. Our drinks had come so I had a sip to help calm me down. I got Pepsi. "Are you alright dani?" They also asked her and she replied "yes I'm alright" We went back to talking and then our good came. We ate and then went back to the room. Me and the girls got ready for bed and out in our new spandex shorts from PINK and then wore the same tank tops but in different colours. Top knots for our hair and no makeup. We walked out and Hunter looks at me and said "I don't see why you wear makeup. You beautiful without it" he came over and hugged me. The girls got complimented too. I went over and talked to Blake.

*our conversation*

"So Blake. I know you said you really like me right?"
"Yeah how come?"
"Well you also like Dani right?"
"Yeah, but your still not telling me why your asking"
"Well how much of a difference is there between the two of us? Like on a scale from 1-10 how much do you like me and how much do you like her?"
"I like you 10 outta 10 and Dani 10 outta... 10." He said realizing he liked us the same.
"Okay well, I think you should get to know Dani better. She really likes you and pretty much talks about you all the time. I like you too but I think you should give her a chance. She's a really great person."
"You know what I think I will! We. And still be bestfriends and hangout right? Because I still want to" he said smiling
"Of course! I'd love to still be best friends!"
"Okay, I'm going to go talk with her right now!"

*end of convo*

I'm so happy for her. That's all she's ever wanted. I couldn't help but smile. I walked of and sat on Cameron's lap and laid my head on his shoulder.
"Yes Nikki?!"
"Tomorrow can we have a you and me day? Brother and sister?"
"Of course!! That sounds so much fun can't wait! What do you want to do?"
"I was thinking the water park?"
"Great plan!"
I just laid on him for a while listening to him talking. I had my eyes closed but not asleep an I felt him kiss my forehead and I smiled. I got up and asked the girls if they wanted to go talk for a bit and they said sure. I said night to Cam and then hug him and everyone goodnight.

The last person was Jacob and he said "you four go I just want to talk to Nicole for a sec" they ran off to the room giving me smirks and I flipped them off and they laughed. "Nicole goodnight" we weren't in sight of everyone but he had me tight to him and then he kissed me out side my door. I pecked his lips again and turned around and our hands slowly let go and he pulled me back and said in my ear "friends with benefits?" I whispered back "sure" and then I kissed him again. We both had giant smiles in our faces and before I went into my room I watched him go into his room and he popped his head back out and blew me a kiss. I caught it and still had the biggest smile on my face. Even if I tried my hardest to stop I couldn't. I opened my for and walked in.

Okay honestly I'm smiling writing this part. Ugh. Lucky. Vote for my book. Share it and ilyg. Also for everyone who wanted Blake an Nicole to have a relationship I'm sorry. But I'm gonna follow Dani and Blake's relationship after this book so Yeet! Ilyg stay beautiful ❤️☺️

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