Karma's A Bitch

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Unknown P.O.V.

I've hidden my scent from the help of a witch I knew. She'll never find me But she'll soon know who I am. Leaving her the note on her bed was just the first step of knowing who I am.

The Alpha will pay for what he did. Killing a mate is the worse possible thing to do. I swore on that day To have revenge, a painful revenge.

We'll just see as time goes by how it'll all go. Once I start, I never finish.


Scarlet's P.O.V.

I was now in School. The worst of my existence but not today. Today was special for Scarlet. As you all Know there's going to be some conflict involved as always but will that stop Scarlet?

She casually got up and got ready as quickly as possible in the morning. Ate breakfast and bid farewell to her parents.

Her two best friends picked her up Once she walked right out the door.

“Hey guys," She said. Clearly in a good mood. Hmmm wonder why.

“Looks like someone is in a good mood. ohhhh Did you get laid!" Yelled Kristen from the passenger seat. She would be the one to said that though. Always saying what's on her mind. By always I meant Always.

“You did didn't you!" Said Crystal who was now driving.

“No you two I did not get laid. Yet." Said Scarlet.

“Yet?" They both said.

“Yeah, Yet. I'm saving my virginity For someone special," Clearly they aren't getting to the fact she has a mate.

Crystal glanced through the mirror and locked eye contact with Scarlet. She out of everyone knows why she's in a good mood. She switched her attention back to the road. A few minutes passed by before they arrived at school.

“Alright clearly You Want the Alpha Jealous, correct?" Crystal said.

Turning around she replied, “How do you know that?"

“Because He's clearly staring at you." She's snickered.

It was true though. Scarlet can feel warmth in her body. The feeling that someone should be wrapping two strong arms around her. Although I would say That's all bullshit, She could've gone up to him and do what she wants instead of making this harder.

Scarlet can feel that particular someone's eyes traveling all over her body. To say this was a joke that she's didn't feel anything w was as wrong. She wanted to do something she'll regret later.

Shaking those thoughts out of her mind She finally turned around. Her eye contact immediately focused on the Adonis Ahead. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. He wore all black and by wore She meant wore.

He had on a tight black short sleeve that fit him snugly, Black jeans that were dangerously low and black boots. He was leaning against his Gray Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe with one feet Crossed over the other. Finally her gaze landed on his face. A smirk upon it that she  wished was gone by the work of her lips.

‘You like?' her wolf said amusingly.

‘Stop it, I know you love what you see.'

‘Of course, he's our mate for God sakes.'

‘Well Ok I do like it.'

‘You won't resist long I promise you that.'

‘But the question my wolf is will he resist as long as I have.'

‘OK he'll probably won't but I'll help you get him in bed.'

‘Whoa, who said anything about Getting him in bed?'

‘Your dreams did.'


‘Call me whatever you want honey but we both know you want him just as much he wants us.'

‘I'll never want him.'

‘Didn't seem like it when we took a run the other time.'


She pushed her in the back of her mind so She can concentrate on math. Guess she didn't realize she walked into school. The one thing about school is that the Alpha is in half her classes including Gym.

The gym class has uniform for both girls and guys. The girls consist of volleyball shorts and a Gray T. The guys have sweatpants and a gray T-shirt.

Scarlet sat with the girls while they started talking about hot guys in the room. Rolling her eyes she listened to the coach.

“Alright guys Were starting basketball and we need pairing with the opposite sex."

Scarlet loves basketball for some reason. She was actually quite good even without all the werewolf stuff.

“Alright guys Go find partners."

Everyone got off the bleachers and looked for partners.

My eyes stayed on Alpha but as soon as the thought of pairing went through my mind the human slut came up to him. I was pissed when she started feeling him up. Not Once did he look back at me. Alright Alpha we'll see if karma's a bitch.


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