chapter 14

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I decided to upload again because this chapter and chapter 13 were supposed to be one. 


Jade's p.o.v 

My mam told me that guests were coming over soon and that I should go get dressed.I didn't ask who though because she was looking at me grinning knowing something I didn't .

I ended up wearing pink shorts and a black tank top that had pink graffiti all over it. I heard someone banging on the door and my mam yelled "Jade open up the door." The aroma of her delicious food spreading around the house. I ran down the stairs quickly anxious to see who came. I opened up the door seeing an awfully familiar women she was medium height and had shoulder length blonde hair with blue eyes that reminded me of Perrie. "Jade?" I heard someone ask surprised. I looked from the women to Perrie who was standing next to her a confused expression on her face. I smiled at her "Hi Perrie come in Ms.Edwards." I opened the door completely letting them both in Perrie still giving me a confused look and I grinned cheekily at her making her eyebrows furrow and arch up like she was saying ' what's going on here.' Oh how she didn't know what was going on . I didn't care about asking why they were here I wasn't even the slightest bit confused but I knew that tonight was going to be fun for me and a bit confusing for Perrie.


Perrie's p.o.v 

I knew I recognized this house it was Jade's!!!!!!! What was I doing here? Why did she bring me here? the utter look of confusion on my face increasing as I saw Jade give me a flirty smile. What was she up to? 

I went into the kitchen where the dining table was finding my mam helping spread the silverware .I grabbed her arm gently and whispered "Please don't say anything about me and Jade. I don't think her mum knows anything." She nodded smiling at me saying take a seat .By this time I wish I had a sense of smell the food looked delicious I licked my lips before sitting down almost getting ready to eat. Jade sat next to me whispering a "Hi there beautiful." I smiled at her and just nodded back still waiting for the food to come . Did her mom know anything about this? It didn't seem like it since she hasn't glanced at me once since I sat down but my mum has multiple times trying to stifle a smile at Jade and I. I signaled her not to say anything though. 

After there was actually food on my plate I started eating loving the chicken and rice her mam made "Ms. thirlwall your food is amazing." I told her savouring every last bite of it . "Thank you." She replied smiling at me.Jade just seemed to chuckle to herself . What's wrong with her? I started stuffing my face again as Ms.thirlwall began asking me questions about school and just as I was about to reply I felt Jade's hand on my thigh. I momentarily froze trying to swallow down my food but couldn't really as her fingertips wents up and down my inner thigh. My whole body feeling as if I just jumped into a pool of fire. Jade didn't seem to act like anything was wrong she continued to eat. Non of our parents seemed to notice either. I tried stopping the blush creeping onto my cheeks but couldn't. Ms.thirlwall just seemed to ask more questions. "What's your favorite subject ?" " its enn..English" I stuttered Jade's hand going dangerously high up on my thigh .My mam still not noticing anything was wrong . "Ooh a pretty girl like you must have a boyfriend who is he?" I felt Jade grab my thigh tightly obviously jealous about Zayn and I sort of liked this side of Jade her cheeky teasing side. "'t have a boyfriend we broke up a while ago." I tried my best not to just kiss Jade right now no matter how much I wanted to. Ms.thirlwall pursed her lips as if she said something wrong ."Oh I'm sorry I didn't know." I stifled a laugh "It's ok really someone's helping me cope with my broken heart." I joked "Really who?" My mom smiling knowingly at me . I shot her a quick glare before saying "My friend Eleanor." I was purposely trying to make Jade jealous . She traced circles on my inner thigh for a bit making it really hard for me to eat.Her hand went farther up my thigh again. I jumped slightly getting concerned looks from everyone. "You alright hun?" My mom asked and I nodded trying to stop blushing so God damn much I stood up from the table. "Where's the bathroom I'd like to wash up." I smiled trying to act like nothing happened. Ms.thirlwall nodded towards her daughter. "Jade show her where the bathroom is." My heart crept up to my throat. Uh-oh Jade stood up telling me to follow her up the stairs . Once she knew we were out if sight she grabbed my hips pulling me into the bathroom making me sit on the toilet as if it was a comfy love seat. I looked at her slightly worried about what she was going down. She smirked sitting in my lap  her legs on eother sode of my body making my face go as red as a tomato. "You look really sexy when your nervous." She whispered in my ear before crashing her lips on mine kissing me passiontaly her hands getting tangled on my hair. I kissed back feeling my whole body was all fuzzy and that this was just a dream how could Jade get way hotter then she already was? I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her even closer if that was even huamanly possible. Her lips latched onto my neck kissing it a bit rougher then usual and I tilted my head back when she found my soft spot biting on it a little roughly. I dug my nails into her tank top feeling her smile against my neck before she began sucking and biting on it again making sure there was a big love bite on it before she got up off my lap heading downstairs but not before giving me a wink. I shook my head trying to come back to reality . What just happened ? Did innocent little Jade just turn into a sexy little mofo? Wait a second she was teasing me knowing that she left me wanting more. I grinned to myself that little sneak.


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