chapter 13

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Perrie's p.o.v 

Monday morning  

I heard my alarms buzzer go off ringing in my ear. I slammed my hand on it shutting it up before getting up grogily off my bed going to the bathroom to wash my face and get dressed for school. 


25 minutes later I went downstairs into the fridge looking for the orange juice when my Mum popped up beside me. "So what did you do Friday night?" she asked grinning like a mad women . I rolled my eyes walking to the table pouring my orange juice in a glass. "Nothing." I stated not wanting to talk about anything with her since I knew what she was going to say to me. She scoffed making me look at her "Oh please I knew you were with Jade Caitlyn told me." My eyes widened and I almost did a spit tank with my drink ."You little snake!" I snapped at Caitlyn from across the table ready to lunge at her but mum grabbed my arm putting me back down on my seat. "You know you shouldn't be hanging out with her like that Perrie." My blood boiled. She can't tell me who I should hang out with. Why does she care? It doesn't effect her anyway!?! I shoved my body off the table getting up and grabbing my bag ignoring my mum. "Perrie I'm talking to you." I heard her say from behind me ."You can't be in love with her she's a girl you know your father." I spun around on my heels throwing my hands up in the air outraged by her comment. "Mum I don't care she makes me happy ok? something I haven't been in a while. I can fake everything and pretend it's OK but its not mum!!!! Don't you see the way I used to beat people that reflected off dad I'm sick of this. I'm sick of being grumpy and mad all the time. She actually makes me happy that there's another day so I can see her. It doesn't have anything to do with you so if you don't accept the fact that I like her then deal with it because I do and that's not going to change!!!!!!!" I yelled letting all the anger burst out of me. My body shaking slightly from the sudden burst of emotion. I opened my mouth again to yell even more but shut it looking at my mothers expression. Her face was shocked,her lips were slightly opened trying to figure out what to say. Her face flushed slightly.She just stood there.She's never seen me blow up like that before. I went to the door opening it almost making it all the way outside the door when I heard my mum say "Your dads coming back to south shields soon." I shrugged not looking at her "Then he'll come that's not gonna change anything between Jade and I. I don't care what he does to me. Let him yell at me and tell me I don't deserve to live anymore like I already hadn't heard those words before." I slammed the door shut making sure everyone in the house could hear it before I stormed off to my car driving to school. 


Jade's p.o.v 

I was hoping Perrie would live up to her promise on not hurting me anymore. My breath getting stuck in my throat as I saw her walking down the hall looking flawless as ever. I turned around facing my locker  Perrie gaving me a devilish smirk passing by me but not before give my bum a firm squeeze making me go beat red. How didn't anyone see that? I saw Eleanor smiling at Perrie. Perrie cranked her head to the side slightly looking at me giving me half a smile then winking making my heart flutter slightly . She kept her promise . I smiled to myself quickly getting my things and heading off to class. 


I sat beside Perrie again in Mr Taylor's class. Perrie smiling slightly as we were doing class work silently her hand resting on my knee. After a while I felt her hand go in mine and I looked at her worridly. "I thought you didn't want anyone to know about us." I whispered. She came and whispered in my ear. "I don't but were in the back of class no one's going to look at us anyway." She kissed my ear and I felt her smile. She did care because if anyone else looked back at us it would look like she's whispering something to me. I smiled looking down at our intertwined hands under the table. I saw Perrie write something in her notebook before she passed it to me. I stared at the bold letters in the middle of the page. Girls bathroom 12:55..? I smiled nodding at her seeing her wink at me slightly before she took her notebook back writing down the questions from our text book .  


I quickly rushed out of the door right after class eneded and went into the empty bathroom waiting for Perrie to come in. Praying no one else would show up. I heard the door open up and someone turn the lock on it making sure it was only us two . Perrie's blonde hair first before she quickly wrapped her arms around my waist kissing me passionately right away making me feel dazed by her touch and kisses. She began to leave feather like kisses from my jaw down to my neck and shoulder making me feel like I was on cloud 9. She was truly hypnotizing. She made her way back to my neck kissing it softly until she reached my soft spot making my breath hitch in my throat. She guided me to the wall where she began tugging and biting on it making low moans escape my mouth. "Perrie...we're in you can't just leave love bites on my neck someone's going to notice it. " She smiled against my neck kissing it one last time before she looked into my eyes. "I know I just want them to know your mine." She smiled kissing my lips again. "Plus I didn't get to do that in a while." she smiled cheekily. I missed her kisses "Shut up and kiss me Perrie." I joked as she leaned her face forward and kissed my cheek leaving the bathroom with my mouth agap . She did not just do that she was teasing me. Well then be like that let's just see who wins. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

After school I was slightly regretting to go home because of my mum but I went anyways . I mean who else was going to make me food? I walked into the house shutting the door quietly seeing that my mum was in the kitchen chatting on the phone with one of her friends. "Uh...OK.. well be there at 8 bye! " She chuckled shutting off the phone and looking at me a sparkle in her eyes "Who was that? "I asked curiously "A friend be ready by 8 were going over there to have dinner." She grinned happily and I just looked at her strangely. "Well ummm ok?" 


By 8 I was wearing black denim shorts and a journey band t shirt. My mom didn't ask me to dress up so I didn't care what I looked like. We stood at the lady's door and I figured out that her porch looked awfuly familiar . My mum knocked on the door anxiously and guess who opened the door . "Jade?" I asked confused. 


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