Chapter 1; A Whole New City

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Your POV

I glance around my new house and sigh. I finally unpacked everything. (I decided to skip that boring part) I lie on my new couch and pull out my phone.

'Text Message From: Jessy's Gurl'

AKA, Jason, Jess (or Aphmau)'s husband. I open it quickly

'Sorry for the late notice (y/n), but we have to finish up with MCD. Hope you can find your way around the city, but call if you need help.' I groan. Seriously? My first d**n day in Seattle and my only friends are working. Speaking of work... Sh*t, I have work too. I hop out of the couch and run to my computer. I plop down in my chair and grab my head set. Nothing like MineCraft and YouTube to start your day. I sigh and flip the camera on.

~Time Skip Brought to you by: Apppppphhhhhhhhhhhhmau~

I wave, smile and flip off the camera. My stomach growls. 'Every time your stomach growls, it's your body letting you know you're one step closer to death.' Someone once told me. No, not someone, Mr. Gef, our health teacher in high school. I groan. Since I never forget anything, that means I'll never be able to forget health class. I squeeze my eyes shut and send the video to Sarah, my editor. She's awesome, but she still lives in Wisconsin, where we are both from. I know, I know, Jess never went to school in WI, but I transferred to her school for a year, and we never lost contact. I get up and grab my batman sweatshirt. My dad got me this for my 13th birthday. It still fits, since he got it 2 sixes too big, but I didn't and still don't mind. Especially since batman's f**king awesome! As soon as I come out from la-la-land, I realize I'm at least a block away from my house. I shrug and pull out my phone. It says there is an IHOP nearby. Why not? Could be fun? I study the directions and put my phone back in my pocket. I can feel it vibrate to the sound of, "Dirty Deeds" (D**n straight!). I pull it out and answer it. My mom's voice calls out,

"Hi sweetie! How's Seattle?" I let out a small laugh.

"It's great mom, and a lot warmer then Wisconsin right now." Now it's her turn to laugh and I feel hands on my shoulders.

"Bye mom! I'll call you later!" Before she has a chance to respond, I pocket my phone. Whoever grabbed me is now stopping me from moving. I can feel it's a man around 150 lbs by the way he grips my shoulders.

A deep voice whispers in my ear, "Wrong move, hanging up the phone like that. Now, I have a gun, and you have money. Do you see where this is going? Or do I have to explai-" Before he can even pull out a gun, I twist his arm and flip him over my shoulder. As he's lying I the ground, probably in shock, I grab the gun from his hand, twist his hands behind his back, and call the police. They show up in less then 15 minutes. All the officers look at me in shock. I shrug and hand him over to them. I then finish the walk to IHOP, undisturbed.


Yay! First chapter done!! Btw, I think I'm going to be writing 2 books at the same time! This one and a Flash fanfic! What do you guys think? Don't worry, the dangerous (y/n) will be meeting Max and friends in a chapter soon. It would've been this one, but I decided it was too soon. BYYYYEEEEE!!

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