chapter 5

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Meliodas pov.

I was so angry for not realizing what it was doing. It wrote the note and made me sleep outside at night. It was the one who was trying to kill Elizabeth both mentally and physically.

I had to think of that later. She was in my arms. Her eyes look almost lifeless. She smiled at me but it was a very lonely smile, a sad smile, before she closed her eyes.

" ELIZABETH" I yelled

Suddenly she was taken out of my arms. I was going to kill who did. Until it was Merlin who had laid her on the bed and was more actually acting like a doctor rather than play doctor like she did when experimenting.

She was out of time more than once Merlin even used Ban's blood in attempt to save her. It was risky but there was no other choice.

She was healed by drinking Ban's blood. Ban thought it was weird, but if it was to save the princess, of course. But that only fixed the physical wounds not the mental wounds.

Of course I wanted to stay and wait for her to wake up but MErlin forced all of us out.

Elizabeth pov

I woke up to see my wounds were gone. I was sad but at least I got to see Meliodas's face. Remembering the note I got up and and jumped out the window.

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