chapter 4

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Meliodas POV

I was frantically trying to open the door. Until I felt it, down stairs. In the bar. I didn't want to leave the door but i had to see what it was that could've hurt Elizabeth.

I slowly walked down stairs not wanting it to know I was there.

I walked down the stairs as i made my turn I saw it. Looking right at me. Staring into my darkest secrets and fears. I had to emit that was terrifying I was on the verge of exploding but I had to keep it in or else Elizabeth will get caught in my wrath.

I looked everywhere to find that thing. All I saw was a note on the counter. I read it.

I was so shocked at what I saw. It had my handwriting. There was no way I wrote that.

I went up the stairs and called for Merlin who had been grabbing some things for her experiments.

She flashed before me. Gowther used his ability to instantly tell her what happened.

She grabbed the door and opened it using absolute cancel. So there was the Perfect Cube spell around it no wonder....

I was the first one. I saw her in the corner.

She looked horrible. Like an old tattered rag. I could tell just by looking at least 3 of her ribs had broken and he had a very bad sprained ankle. To make things worse there was tears all over if her face which you could tell she was crying even before this whole thing began.

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