chapter 3

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Elizabeth pov

I woke up only to find meliodas outside. Was he avoiding me? I talked to Diane the other day but that really didn't help much. I don't think so. He still grabs me a lot (her face blushing at the thought). I better go eat I thought to myself. I saw his note by the door it read:

Elizabeth go home I don't need you, I don't want you. You will only cause me pain. I almost died multiple times because of your stupidity. Can't you see I'm avoiding you. I'm sleeping outside because I can't even stand the sight of you. Can't you take a hint? Leave. Before you hurt me and everyone else.

I started crying I was trying to move but I couldn't all I could do was get down on my knees and cry in the wall.

I heard Diane knocking on the door. I turned her away knowing she knew i was crying.

All i could do was cry....cry.......cry.......cry.......

I saw something move in the corner of my eye. I really didn't care. I don't want to care. I wanted death to come to me. I would never forgive myself for being selfish and hurting meliodas or my friends.

I moved my head so i could see a better view. It was a man. I think. He was engulfed in black all I could see were his eyes and smile. The smile I hope would bring death.

As if he could read my mind he stepped closer. I nodded as if to tell him to do it.......

I suddenly felt this horrible force come around me something was jabbed into my side. It hurt but I tried to welcome it and stay calm so the sins won't hear me but I failed. I knew he wasn't going to kill me, just make me suffer. All i saw was shadows engulfing my body.

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