Chapter 2

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Meliodas pov.

I woke up outside. Not knowing how or when I ended up there. I really didn't think much about it.

I walked into the tavern and smelled Ban's cooking. Elizabeth was awake I could tell. I heard her upstairs talking to Diane (in her human form).

After we ate Elizabeth cleaned the table.

"We are going to open up" I said my face full of excitement.

_____________time skip ____________________________________

It was time to go to sleep, I was tired. I heard it again. That annoying laugh.I went up to merlin's room to ask her what was going on.

"Merlin did you teleport Elizabeth here?" I said my face serious.I wanted to keep her from danger but I can't do that if she's here.

"What are you talking about" She was out of character. Something was going on.

"There's something in the tavern following Elizabeth.What is it?" I was about to lose it all, but tried to stay cool.

" I didn't know Elizabeth was here"She simply stated, " I thought she was back at the castle. But since you found out about it, yes, yes I have been detecting a strange presence near you."

Elizabeth is always by me and I didn't notice anything before she came, so i knew it was her.


I woke up only to be outside again strange. I walked into the tavern again. All the sins ( except for Escanor) were there. They all looked at me with worried expressions. Was something wrong?

"Yo" I said trying to wait for them to tell me what was wrong but my patience was running a little to slim.

" Elizabeth" Diane said looking a bit worried

I knew exactly what she meant. I rushed up stairs and knocked. She wouldn't answer. I tried to open it but it was looked. I knew that THING was in there with her so i tried and tried but it

wouldn't budge. I yelled for Diane to come help ( since she was physically stronger then Ban).

I told her to help me with the door. I bet she was wondering if I was trying to peep on Elizabeth. Her eyes grew big and so did everyone else's. But my eyes were the biggest.

"AAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the most horrid scream came from the room.

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