1 || she returns

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AN: this chapter is more like a prologue than anything else!

You left 8 years ago, on a specail S-class mission. At the time you were 11 years old when you left. If you hadn't gone, you would of gone to Tenrou Island for the S-class trail. But, now you are back in Mangolia.

A small wave of anxiety rush through out your body as you stood in front of a set of huge double doors. "Alright (F/N)! You can do this! You haven't seen your friends in over 8 years! So go in there and be a social butterfly!!" You slap your cheeks and slammed open the big doors.

The Fairy Tail guild members became silent when the guild hall doors open with an echoing bang. You looked at them, and you began to feel panic fill your small being.

Nastu intensely stares at you, and being the oblivious idiot he is, he begins to shout at you, "Who are the hell are you?" You gave a small sigh at his question, but before you could give a snarky replay, Erza began to talk. "Now Natsu. There's no need to be rude. I'm sure she has her reasons." She turns to you and stared for a good couple of seconds before her face pales with shock "It can't be....." She mutters in awe. You chuckle awkwardly and rubbed the back of your head. "Hey, Erza.....Long time, no see!" You said sheepishly.

The guild hall erupts with laughter and joyful shouts! "She's back! (Y/N)'s back!" Levy, Gray, Natsu, Erza, and many more of your old friends tackles you with giddy smiles on their faces. You gave a small laugh and you push yourself off the wooden floor of the guild. "I'm sorry, but I have to report to the master. But I'll be right back!" You chuckled to yourself as you look back at the ground to find your goofy friends tangled up in each other's limbs. You chuckled slightly as you head to the master's office.

Later in  the masters office-

"Hey gramps! I'm back!" You waved at him as you walked through the door to his office. "(Y/N)!!! I was wondering why the guild was louder than usual!" He chuckled as he waved you over. "Long time to be away from
home. How was the mission my dear?" He asked in a gentle tone. You gave him a sad smile. "The mission was a success, but many towns people lost their lives." The master gave you a sad, understanding sigh. While playing with the pendent around your neck. " I see. Child, do not beat yourself up about this unfortunate incident. You did what you could to help them. Do not  bare the pain of the lives lost during the mission" he stated in a concerned and comforting tone. You looked at him and gave a thumbs up. "No need to worry! I gave them all a proper burial." The master chuckled at at you goofy toned voice. "Alright! Enough of this sad news, get back to your friends, child!" He soon waved you off and you walked out.

As you walk out of the masters office, you soon notice a few new faces around the guild.

The one that stuck out the most was a blonde girl sitting next to Natsu. You observed her first. She seemed pretty friendly with him. She was around your hight. Maybe a little shorter. She wore a blue and white crop top and a blue mini skirt. She was.... Huge! H-how could someone be that big!! Not that you were small but damn!

After thinking long and hard, you decided to talk with her. "Hey may I sit the two of you?" You asked politely. The blonde girl looks surprised and instantly beamed a smile as she patted the seat next to her. You smiled back and quickly sat down. "Hi! I'm Lucy Heartfilia." She said while extending a small hand. You slowly grabbed the fragile limb and shook lightly. "Hello Lucy. I'm (Y/N) (L/N), It's nice you meet you!" She looked super happy and began to ask you question after question, as if she were a journalist. "So, you're an S-class wizard? What kind of magic do you use? How long have you been with fairy tail? Etc..." You were soon overwhelmed with questions. But you soon interrupted Lucy. "Uhhh....yes that's correct I'm an S-class wizard. I use nullification and support magic. I've been in Fairy Tail ......as long as i can remember (you lied), etc..."

You finished answering her questions and a huge smile crept onto her face. A small voice in front of you spoke. "Don't smile like that, it's creepy Lucy!" Whined a little blue exceed. "Shut up cat! No one asked you!" She yelled back. You began to chuckle at the two of them. "Hey Happy! Long time no see!" The Blue exceed smiled back at you! "Aye! (F/N) your back!" Anime tears flew behind him as he flew into your chest. "I thought your where eaten by a fish or something!" There was a muffled and annoying voice yelling at you in he background. You didn't realize it but you were sitting on Natsu. "(Y/N)!! You've gotten fatter 'cause you're crushing me!" He groaned in an annoyed muffled voice. You just gave him a devilish smile. (Similar to Mira's) "Sorry Natsu! I didn't see you there." You soon stood up slowly, which caused Natsu more pain. As he glared, you sat across the table from the two of them. You notice Natsu giving you a death stare before you turned back to Lucy. Obviously, Lucy noticed the awkward tension between the two of you. She was about to ask why the two of you didn't get along, but Erza stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder. "They are actually quite close. They do this every time." Lucy nods at Erza explanation.

"Hey Natsu....." He looks up at you as you began to talk. "Where's the ice princess? I haven't seen him yet." As you finished you're sentence, a huge grin spread across Natsu face.

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The second chapter should be coming out very soon. Most likely some time tonight or tomorrow morning.

I just wanted to let you know, that all the words that are italicized are YOUR character's inner thoughts. I forgot to make this clear earlier. So, hope you enjoy the next chapter.

-Rose Rath

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