Louis Faking-Harry Finds Out

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''You hungry, Boo? Do you feel up to eating? I can get you a quick bowl of cereal before I run off,'' Harry said, beginning to slide off the bed, kicking his legs over the edge.

''Yeah, I guess I am a little hungry. Thanks, Haz,'' Louis said, missing the warmth of Harry's chest behind him. He was actually quite ravenous, but that wouldn't be the correct response for a sick person.

''No problem, babe. Be right back.''

Just as he promised, he returned with a bowl of Lucky Charms, Louis's favorite American cereal. ''Okay, I've gotta run. You stay in bed and get to feeling better, okay?" Harry put on a jacket and stepped towards the door.

''Ok. Miss you!'' Louis said as he blew him a little kiss, in which Harry caught and placed to his lips.

Once Harry left, Louis downed the cereal, used the restroom, and went back to sleep for another hour. It was nice and peaceful, and when he awoke, he felt well-rested. The interview was 20 minutes away, and he already slept away an hour of time, so he knew he could expect to see Harry again in about another hour and a half or sooner.

He decided to stay in his PJ's and play some FIFA. Then he made himself a frozen burrito and a frozen corn dog, heating them both up in the microwave. This is what he ate when Harry wasn't around to cook for him. It was pretty sad. He couldn't even make toast without burning it, so the microwave had become his appliance of choice.

After eating, he went back to the bedroom to sit on the bed while reading Wattpad. He enjoyed reading the Larry stories his fans wrote about him. This one he was reading was getting pretty intense. His boyfriend was abusing him, then he met Harry, and Harry began protecting him from the bad boyfriend, (soon to be ex-boyfriend.) He couldn't wait to read the next chapter.

Just as he began trying to find where he left off, he heard the rattle of the front door. Footsteps were heading to the bedroom. Louis slouched down his posture a bit, putting away his phone.

''Hey, Boo! You feeling any better?" Harry asked, smiling.

''I guess a little,'' he replied.

''What'd you do while I was gone?"

''Oh, slept mostly,'' Louis lied, his eyes refusing to look into Harry's face. He was usually pretty good at lying, but he felt bad doing it to Harry.

''Well, that's good. I know we're not getting enough of that,'' Harry said, sitting on the bed next to him.

''I'll be back. Gotta go to the bathroom,'' Louis said, scampering off to the toilet.

In his absence, Harry got up to make himself some lunch. As he stood up, he noticed something fall to the floor. He picked up two red ibuprofen pills. That's what I gave Louis this morning, he thought. Why didn't he take the pills?

He continued his way to the kitchen. He noticed a dirty plate on the table. That was strange. He didn't think Louis had much of an appetite. When he was sick, Louis usually couldn't eat very much. As he waited for his food to heat up in the microwave, he glanced over at the living room. There was a controller tossed haphazardly next to the TV, rather than placed into the cabinet it belonged in.

There was something strange going on here. Louis didn't take his medicine he gave him, he was eating when sick, and the controller suggested that he had spent the morning playing FIFA, when he had just told him that he slept all morning. Was Louis lying to him? Was he even sick?

Harry waited for the bathroom door to open before he made his interrogations. ''Louis, got a question for you.'' He stood in the middle of the living room with his arms folded across his chest, waiting.

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