Part 07

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Madhu wakes up early the next day and remembering the mess RK and she had created the night before in the kitchen she decides to clean it before the maid comes. She quickly hurries to the kitchen after her bath and starts cleaning the kitchen. Realizing that it was Trishna's birthday she thinks of wishing her but then changes her mind, RK would want to wish his sister first. She will wait till he wishes her.

After cleaning the kitchen, Madhu was washing her hands when RK walks in. "I was looking for you." RK tells her.

Madhu doesn't look at him as she was feeling too shy to look at him after what had happened the night before. RK walks towards her and gently tucks the hair strand that had got lose from her bun and asks her, "Are you okay?"

Madhu nods her head blushing.

"Why did you go off like that?"

"I didn't want Trish to find out."

"Look at me." RK tells her. Madhu turns to look at him and caressing her cheek he says, "That was the best night of my life."

"Even mine." Madhu tells him smiling happily.

"I know." He smirks.

Madhu swats him irately and then smiling happy she hugs him.

"Is Trish still sleeping?"

"Yes. We have to wish her."

"Later." RK tells her grinning and lifting her up he takes her to his room.

Madhu & RK together wish Trish. Then Madhu spend the rest of the day with RK and Trish celebrating Trishna's birthday. In the evening, RK dropped Madhu home. After spending some time with her mother, Madhu decides to get ready for bed as RK would be calling her soon, thankfully Trish had patched up with Mukund so she won't be calling tonight.

Madhu was dozing off waiting for RK to call as she hadn't slept the previous night. Hearing her mobile ring she comes awake with a start and picks the call seeing it was RK.

"Hey." Madhu says smiling.

"Which is your bedroom?"

"What?" Madhu asks confused.

"I'm here. Tell me how to get in."

"WHAT?" Madhu shouts in shock and runs to her window and sees RK had parked his car on the side of her house where he had picked her up that night she had sneaked out with him. "What the hell are you doing here?" Madhu asks in a furious whisper looking at him as he stood by his car and was looking at her house.

"Now, what kind of a question is that? Why do you think I am here?"

"Why are you here?" Madhu asks him furiously knowing too well why he was there.

"I am horny."

"I am not your midnight booty call!"

"Come on, Madhu."

"We just did it in the morning!"

"I can't get enough of you, love!"

"Go home!"

"Let me come in, Madhu." RK says sweetly.



"RK!" Madhu says in an angry tone though heat was spreading throughout her body.

"I am not going to go. Let someone catch me!"

"You'll be the end of me!"

"I intend to." RK tells her with a sexy smile.

"Uff! Fine. Climb that wall and from there climb on to the balcony."

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