I felt along the wall with my foot for some sort of floor, then felt for niches in the sides of the port for handholds.
I stepped into the water and, gripping the sea wall, passed through the portal. Annabeth and Jason followed. At first I had thought we would end up in a sea cave, but concealed inside this magic sea wall was a bustling city of monsters. I gawked at Scythian Dracanae, automaton animals such as Stymphalian birds, drakons, Laistrygonian Giants and more, not to mention thousands of types I'd never seen before. I watched a green robotic pterodactyl covered in clay fly from rooftop to rooftop. Annabeth snapped her fingers in front of my brain. She put on her invisibility Yankees cap and disappeared. Jason and I drew our swords, scouting the premises and ducking into the shadows of a nearby corridor. The thing about this monster metropolis? It was twice the size of Manhattan, glistened with gold like Aztec Tenochtitlan, the ground was littered with gold drachmas probably stolen from dead heroes, and crawling with immortal nuisances. I picked up a drachma from the ground, and dropped as soon as I realized it was oozing green liquid. I noticed that all of the scattered drachmas were dripping with ooze. Jason kicked the drachma under a gray tree. "Percy, these drachmas are tainted with evil force, Gaea's trademark. They symbolize the lives of the coin's previous owner. Bringing back a drachma like this is considered a tribute to Gaea, their supreme ruler."
I was dumbfounded. How on freaking Olympus did Jason know something like that? I asked him. He pointed to a sign that said all of the facts on celestial bronze. I nodded. Okay, so I'm a little slow today. We had been concealed by the darkness of the foyer, but a Scythian drakon spotted the glint of our swords and started squawking like a vulture. We made a run for the nearest building, a gigantic red stepped pyramid in the center of the city. I could hear Annabeth's invisible steps scattering up the steps behind us. Fiery arrows shot after us, and I deflected as many as I could with Riptide, then we neared the entrance, the mouth of a Minotaur. Annabeth took off the cap and rejoined us in a cryptic chamber that gave me sudden chills. The walls were empty, and we stood on a mosaic representation of the Titan lord Kronos devouring his children, Poseidon and Hades. Annabeth gasped at what lay beyond: a moving mural, that we realized was the security footage for Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter. Jason and I gaped at the footage of death and destruction; it was playing video of monster attacks and massacres. We wandered down into the heart of the pyramid, where we narrowly escaped the sight of a Laistrygonian patrolman. Annabeth assessed the stone slate acting as a door.
"Piper and Val are in here, I just know it," she determined. Studying for a moment, she took out her knife and jammed it into the painting of Cerberus the three-headed-dog. Canvas ripped, and we heard a click. The door scraped open, and no one was in the stone chamber. That is, except for Piper Grace and Val.
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