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WARNING: This book is not scheduled to begin updating until Feb. 2018.
I have a few other books I'm placing all my attention on and wont be able to start uploading chapters until then.
This book will contain strong violence, mild wearing, and mentions of nudity. This wont be like my other horror stories where it solely revolves around mostly realistic aspects of killings. This will be a hybrid of Horror/Fantasy.
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It was watching the eighteen-foot-long shark swimming nearby that caused me to believe there was something that wasn't quite right about the two people before me.
"Let me get this straight. With all seriousness you're telling me that not only is there a blood-thirsty monster killing young men in Lake Michigan, BUT, you're a son of Poseidon, and she's a daughter of Zeus?" I asked incredulously, my eyes wide as I tried to comprehend what the two impossibly beautiful people were saying to me.

The man with the sea green eyes watched me with a blank expression. He seemed annoyed that I was still questioning the existence of the previously imaginary.  His gorgeous counterpart with a thick mane of jet-black hair nodded gravely as she held a large bow in her hands.
"Understand this, human," said Triton with a scowl, "if we do not stop this creature it does not only mean the demise of your brother, it means the very possible collapse of all humanity in itself," he finished, his voice holding powerful anger  as eyes narrowed into slits.

I nodded slowly as I took in these words. "You know, a simple yes would've sufficed."


Sixteen-year-old Gabi Parker expects nothing exciting when she and her older brother move to the lake-side town of Kenosha, Wisconsin for the summer.
It is soon discovered the lovely town has a strange habit of young men turning up dead in a grisly fashion along the beautiful shores of the lake. Police believe it to be a fast-moving serial killer. Old legend-believing townsfolk feel otherwise.

By chance Gabi discovers that a bizarre noise calls out from over by the large rocks surrounding the harbor. It's a loud screech of a sound that only sounds alluring to young men...
That's not her only surprise. The gorgeous lake seems to be home to creatures a salt-free lake really shouldn't hold. As she begins to investigate the strange mystery surrounding the town, old stories based on Greek mythology may not be as imaginary as they seem...

As Gabi tries to reconcile the fact that Gods and monsters are actually apart of reality, she may not have a choice in helping a son of Poseidon and a Goddess of the hunt solve the sick murder mystery surrounding the deaths of all the young men. Her own brother may be the mysterious killer's next victim.

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