Meet up

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Stacy POV

I was walking to my new school. until, i see a cute guy waiting for the same bus as mine.

So i go up and i stop my music that i was listening too.

"Hey, my name is Jacob, what about you?" He asks.

"Cool, my name is Stacy." I replied.

So the bus comes and he said if we can sit together i was cool with it.

Jacob POV

The reason I talked to Stacy was because she was pretty and looked like she had a nice personality.

"Umm, hey, do you mind if I can get your number?" I ask shyly.

"Of course! Here, my number is ##########" She says.

After that we arrived to school.

Stacy POV

I think i like jacob...he's cute.

Anyways, he introduce me to his friends.

"Stacy, this is Andrew and Arthur, my 2 best friends." Jacob said.

"Hi, im Stacy" i said shyly.

"Hey, im Arthur." Arthur said.

"And I'm Andrew." Andrew said

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