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((Max's POV))

"(Y/N), come on!" I yelled,

"How am I supposed to run?! In heels, Max! Heels!" She yelled back at me.

I went back for her hand and grabbed it and I continued running.

"Max," (Y/N) giggled, "Where on earth are we going?"

"You'll see, it's a surprise!" I said.

Sure, I hate surprises but she loves them. And this one was going to blow her away.

"Max, can't you give me a hint on where we're going?" (Y/N) asked, snapping me out of my thoughts

"No, I can't. It's for me to know and for you to find out" I explained.

I dragged her all the way to the beach, where a beautiful sunset was painted in the sky..

"Max, it's beautiful.." (Y/N) said to me

"I know that," I said, "Come with me."

I dragged her to a nice area with both grass, sea, and sand. She sat down in a grassy part and I sat down next to her.

"Now look up," I told her


"Just look up,"

Then she looked up to see the sunset.

"Wow.." she said, amazed

I smiled.

"There's one more surprise I have for later..But that can wait." I said, looking at her

She looked back at me, "I love you, Max."

"I love you too, (Y/N)." I said

"Can we go see the other surprise now?! Please!!!" She begged

I sighed, "Fine, Come on." I said standing up

"Can you carry me..? My feet are killing me!" she said

Then I picked her up, bridal style, and carried her to the next surprise.

"Why didn't we drive here?" (Y/N) asked

"Because, Ross is using the car." I explained

She sighed.

But she didn't know that home wasn't so far away.. I bought us our own place, so that Ross and Tim-Tim had a bit more room in the apartment. Where has Tim-Tim been this whole time, you ask? He got a bit of a vacation or something so, yeah!

"Max, are we there yet?" She asked


Once we got there I looked down at (Y/N) and saw that she was almost asleep in my arms.

"Now are we there?" She asked

"Yep. Close your eyes." I said

She closed her eyes and I brought her inside and layed her on the couch

"Open them.."

She opened her eyes, "Where are we..?"

"Welcome Home, (Y/N)." I said


"This is our new place, do you like it?" I asked

She looked around, "I love it..But all our stuff is at the apartment.."

"No, It's not. Remember when you, Ross, Adam and Alesa went to lunch, just you four?" I asked

"Um..Yeah. Why?"

"Jin, Barney, Red, and I brought everything here while you four were gone." I explained

"I hid your hat at the apartment though.." She said

"Oh, I found that."

"Crap!" she exclaimed, "Well, I'm tired."

I smirked

"What's so funny?" (Y/N) asked

"We kinda left all your clothes at the apartment. So, you're gonna have to wear mine." I explained

Was I being serious? Yes. Did we really forget her clothes? No, I told them not to grab her clothes. Why? Just because.


"Wait, What?" I asked

"I said, okay." She repeated

"So, you don't mind wearing my clothes? At all?" I asked

"I don't care.." She said

"Okay then.."

"I'm wearing your UnderTale shirt!" She said, running upstairs

I chuckled. Good luck, (Y/N). None of my pants are going to fit you, I hope you know that.

She came downstairs, looking at me.

"What?" I asked

"What am I supposed to wear to work on Monday?" she asked

"I dunno."

"I'm not wearing your clothes on Monday.." she said

"Then I don't know what you're gonna wear." I said

She sighed, "Can't Ross drop off some of my clothes off on Sunday?"

"Oh, he's busy on Sunday" I lied


"He's busy tomorrow." I lied

She sighed and we went upstairs. She changed into my UnderTale shirt and slept in it..I didn't mind..
I love her..

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