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There was another reason why Niall didn't want Harry to know about his deepest secret. Sure the blonde did have lots of people begging to have a taste of his pussy but that didn't mean he didn't have any haters. There were always those bunch of boys and girls who think they are too cool to be real and decide to bully someone who they know won't fight back. 

Niall was in that category. He wasn't exactly the strongest kid and back when the secret of his having a vagina instead of a dick got out, let's just say that nobody saw him in the same light. The teachers would either brush aside all the crude comments his classmates would pass or would actually join in. Those were the times when Niall wondered how such worthless human beings even became a teacher? It wasn't his fault that he had a pussy and it certainly wasn't his fault or problem that people were repulsed by it . 

Yes there were some people who didn't give a fuck whether Niall had a dick or a pussy and they either chose to ignore him or let him be and sometimes, they even talked to him and defended him. He remembers having an emo girl in his class, the one with straight black hair and dark make up on, who only ever wore dark clothes and her wrists were always covered in bracelets of different bands. Amber, that was her name and she was the only girl friend he had ever had. She didn't talk to him nor did they have those stupid sleepover. Rather than that, she broke the face of the jock who actually attempted to tug Niall's skirt off. High school kids are definitely the most ridiculous bunch to ever walk on Earth but thankfully, Amber wasn't at all like them. 

After years of being told that he was a freak and then having perverts trying to grope and fondle his ass or trying to get into his pretty panties, Niall had finally decided that having a vagina wasn't exactly nice. He was a bit indifferent towards it at first, acting casually about it and never feeling scared to lift his skirt up and pull his panties down while a boy went down on him to eat his pussy out. It never bothered him much but when the news traveled to not just a few boys but to the entire school, things were never the same. 

When he met Harry, there was always this burning feeling of what if. What if Harry was also like one of those jerks and would rather spit on Niall than make love to him. Of course he never revealed his secret to Harry. Always keeping a space form the waist region even when the two kissed. Harry hadn't even seen what Niall looked like from the waist below simply because the blonde was either kidnapped half of the time or had some really stupid excuse to his rescue. 

But here he was, with Harry's hands rubbing up and down his thighs making him tremble in delight when they would just touch the hem of his panties but would never pull them down. He knew this might be a big mistake and he should probably stop Harry and make a lame ass excuse but the feeling was too good. So imagine his surprise when gun shots started being fired and Harry quickly got up from the bed and reached for the top drawer, pulling out two guns as he approached the bedroom door. 

"Harry," Niall whined, not understanding what all the fuss was about. A gun shots here and there. Boo-Hoo. It's not like anybody died or something. 

"Niall, babe shut the fuck up and get under the bed or somewhere. Hide," Harry replied, pulling his body behind the door as he dialed his right hand man's number from the other, balancing the gun and the iPhone. Wasn't hard to do with his ginormous hands. Niall could just imagine how amazing those bony fingers of his boyfriend would feel when they enter his heat, twisting and rubbing softly. Uh, it would feel so good to ride his daddy's pretty big cock and have those multiple orgasms the males are so jealous of. 

"Harry, please fuck me right now," The brunette rolled his eyes. Out of all the times when Niall could get horny and demand a fuck, he had to pick now? When there were men shooting bullets outside his fucking mansion? He decided to ignore Niall's demand and concentrated on listening to his right hand man, Liam talk about how a new gang had just come up and decided to remove the great Styles from their position. As if! 

"Liam just kill them all off right now. It's getting irritating over here with Niall whining-," Harry stopped mid sentence when Niall decided to scream out a 'hey I'm not whining. I'm horny.' "-And those annoying gun shots being fired. Call all the boys and finish this entire gang off." 

The blonde groaned as he fell on the bed. This was it. The moment where he wanted to give his virginity to his boyfriend was gone. The small moment of confidence he had felt on his wet pussy was also leaving with it and now Niall left sorta dirty. He was wet and a bit sticky, also in a desperate need of shower. He rolled out from their bed and with a grunt, opened the cupboard, pulling out a new shirt and his cute little bunny pajama bottoms. Passing a glare to Harry, he knocked shoulders with the man, giving Harry's arms a sharp pinch before he walked over to the bathroom. 

Why is it so damn hard to just get fucked by your hot as fuck gang leader of a boyfriend? Life was filled with disappointments today. 

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