Hailie was hoping he would, but she kept her thoughts to herself and focused on cleaning up the area.

It wasn't until she was finished cleaning up the area and sat back down, that Eli stormed back into the room wearing a clean black pants and the green shirt she'd fixed.

His hands landed on her shoulders almost making her jump and he leaned down so their cheeks were almost touching.

"Hailie, what did you do with all of my clothes?" he asked.

She gulped and turned slightly to Celeste and Shen. "I win," she said.

"I can't believe you got him to wear it so easily. Wait, you stole his clothes?" Celeste said.

"I did not steal them. I hid them and I won the bet."

The Captain shook his head. "I should've guessed it was something like this."

Kendra was almost falling off her chair laughing at Eli. "This day just keeps getting better and better."

"Where did you put my clothes, Hailie?" Eli asked, slowly so she heard every single word with absolute clarity.

"Hailie stole Eli's clothes," Zigzag said. His words came out in gasps from his laughter. "The feared Elijah Trent had his clothes stolen by a little girl."

"I am eighteen you idiot," Hailie said. He either didn't hear her or was ignoring her.

"Hailie, answer the question," Eli said tightening his grip on her so she couldn't run.

"I hid them in Zigzag's room," she said.

The boy stopped laughing.

"What? How? I locked the door." He patted his pockets. "Where are my keys?"

Hailie slid them across the table. "I picked your pocket earlier. It was the last place Eli would think to look."

Zigzag grabbed the keys off the table and glared at her. "I can't believe you just went into my room like that."

She was sure he had, only seconds before, been laughing at Eli because she went into his room. The hypocrisy was strong with this one.

"You put them there, you put them back," Eli said.

"Um, well, I can do that later. You are already wearing clothes so it is not nec--"

Hailie was dragged from her chair and thrown over his shoulder. She kicked and pounded on his back and tried to roll off but he was too strong and being upside down made her nausea worse.

"Put me down," she said.

He grabbed a hold of her leg. "Watch where you're kicking."

"I cannot watch where I am kicking because all I am seeing now is your butt!" Hailie said. She could hear the laughter surrounding them. She looked up. Everyone had their eyes on their table and they were all enjoying the show. She could feel her pride falling away through the cracks in the wooden floor.

"Zigzag, the keys." She heard Eli catch them in his hand.

He started walking out the room. She saw Celeste and Shen raise their glasses at her in a sort of salute. The laughter from the room echoed in her ears. She hung her head and felt her pride seep through the cracks in the floor of the cargo hold and being washed away by the sea.

Eli didn't put her down until they were inside Zigzag's room. She swayed and Eli held onto her. She grabbed his shirt and brought his face down to hers.

"I have told you many times, do not touch me and do not ever embarrass me in front of everyone like that again," she growled. He didn't seem bothered. This annoying man was so inconsistent.

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