4 years ago...

"The result is out Mr. and Mrs. Stone" the doctor said while looking at me as I was sitting between my parents who were holding my hands so tight that I do not think it will be possible my hands would ever work after this.

"What does it say Mr. Lawrence?" my dad says while looking my mom who now has tears forming in her eyes. Geez could they be any more supportive at this moment because they are seriously acting like it was their test result that was about to be read not mines. We have all being looking forward to this very day, my friends and family, but only my mom and dad were allowed into the doctor's office while the results were read, and as much as I loved my friends and family, I just wanted to be alone with my parents. I have been really strong since the day I was diagnosed with it until this very moment, I feel like am going to break down because the doctor is making me really nervous. I was seriously getting nervous with the way the doctor was staring at us with.., sympathy? At least that's what I think it is I see in his eyes.

The doctor makes his way to his table picking up a folder which am guessing is the result, and starts looking through it, all of a sudden he starts staring into the freaking ceiling. Is this dude for real?!

"Geez man, can you just tell us what the freaking paper says, cause am getting really impatient sitting here" I partially yell at him, when my mom looking at me...

"Naomie Ariana Stone you do not talk to your elders like that" and she turn back to the doctor looking at him apologetically.

"Am really sorry, she is a very impatient one" even though she was trying her very best to be nice anyone in that room could see that she was also getting very impatient with the doctor. My dad was really freaking out, and i am really close to him so i do know when he's freaking out because he's legs where shaking at a very unhuman speed.

He starts walking around to his computer turns on the projector in his office which at this moment now as the picture of the inside of a human body.

He starts talking in "doctors' language" as I call it. Am a little kid so obviously I don't understand whatever he was saying when he comes to a stop, I was so happy because it seemed like 5 years and he was just blabbing about what the side effect are of what will happen to their little daughter.

Oh! B.T.W that's me! 

"We made sure we did the lab test more than just once, to stop any error from occurring seeing as you have paid for good result and I assure you that you have come to the right place" he says while walking to the other side of his table and picking up the very same folder he held earlier.

"And after examining the samples that were taken from her, we have come to a conclusion that our previous predictions where right, and am really sorry to inform you that your daughter is a victim of this deadly disease".

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