Chapter 5

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We looked to see a blood trail leading down the hallway to the open back door. It had left.

We shut the door and locked it so that nothing could come in, and barricaded it with wooden planks.

We began discussing a plan of how to survive and hunt properly, but nothing came into our heads.

After a while we all shared at least one idea to see where we would get-

"Well I think we should get lots and lots of weapons, yeah, weapons would be awesome! But they have to be stakes and silver and wooden bullets" Alessandra said very knowledgeable.

Tehya agreed.

"Well we will definitely be needing books. Yep, I'm not leaving without any." Joyce sassily spoke.

Hayley then spoke her idea-

"I vote food."

My stomach growled at the thought of food as did all the others. We hadn't eaten lunch or dinner today and our stomachs were becoming empty.

"Okay guys lets have dinner. Pasta anyone?"


We finished our dinner, which was if course delicious seeing that I made it, and decided that we would need lots and lots of sleep to stay energised for the day up ahead.

"Well, that's it for me. Goodnight." Tehya yawned with a widely open mouth.

Everyone went to crash either in the spare bedrooms or couch, while I went straight to my bedroom.
I laid myself on my bed and closed my eyes. I fell into a deep sleep. The world around me silent when all of a sudden I heard a big bang!

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