Chapter Eleven

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*Azel's POV*

"At least the rain took the egg off the windows." I mumbled to myself, trying to scrub off the curses they drew on the porch. "What the fuck is their problem?" Lloyd demanded, throwing his sponge. "You didn't do a damn thing to them, yet they treat you like an orphan at a family reunion!"

I ignored his outburst and kept scrubbing, though i only managed to smear it, making it look worse. I don't know why he hates me, he just always had. I'd gotten used to it over years, and just learned to take it in stride.

"Are you even listening to me? This is bullshi-"

"Yes Lloyd, i know. Its bullshit. But bitching about it, ISNT GOING TO DO A DAMN THING! Now, would you please just help me clean this up?"

He dropped his head, then picked up his sponge and started scrubbing once again. I didn't mean to yell at him, I was just mad. After finally getting most of it up, we decided to take a break, and get something to eat. My clothes were soaked so i changed my clothes before starting dinner. Alistair hadn't spoken a word sense he walked inside. He just sat at the table, staring at the wall. I missed his voice already. Walking up to him, i sat in his lap, then wrapped my arms around him. I could feel him starting to relax at my touch, so i pressed my lips to his head, then told him i was going to make some food. He smiled and kissed me softly before picking me up and taking me to the kitchen.

"Are you alright baby?" I asked as he set me down.

"That's what i should be asking you. But, no, I'm not. Being around you helps though, so I'm gonna stay in here while you cook. If, that's alright by you of course."

Looking up at him, i studied his face. His eyes were soft, but his face held such a serious, and firm expression. When i didn't object, he grabbed the nearest chair and sat down. I felt his eyes on me the entire time. After dinner was done and we all finished eating, Lloyd helped me clean up and we all finished our movie.

"Looks like your bruises are healing." He stated getting ready for bed. "Think you'll go to school tomorrow?"

I hadn't really thought about it. Getting up to check my reflection, i saw he was telling the truth. The only real visible mark was the cut under by left eye.

"Yeah, i guess so. We all better get some sleep, five am comes early."

Lloyd smiled and hugged me, before climbing under his blankets. Saying goodnight, Alistair took my hand and lead me upstairs to my room. He still hadn't said much of anything. Removing his shirt and climbing into bed with me, i wrapped my arms around his chest and kissed his lips softly, before cuddling close to him.

As if he read my mind, he kissed my forehead after saying, "sorry I've been so quiet, I was just angry, and didn't want to possibly say something stupid, so i kept my mouth shut."

"Its okay babe, i understand."

He kissed me one more time before closing his eyes and falling asleep. It didn't take long for sleep to catch up to me. I didn't bother to fight it, instead, i welcomed, it, letting the sweet embrace carry me through my dreams.


Alistair seemed to be in his regular cheery mood this morning. He shoved his lips to mine then smiled, as i gave him his breakfast.

"I can't get Lloyd up again." He admitted, taking a bite of his waffle.

"I'll get him."

Walking into the living room and standing over the couch, i yelled his name, but he didn't even budge.

"Lloyd, I'm pregnant."

He rolled over and mumbled something about a mongoose, before his snoring entered my once again.

"You're not the dad."

His body jumped up at my words. Pointing his finger at me he yelled,

"I knew it! SLUT!"

I could hear Alistair laughing from the other room as i told Lloyd breakfast was on the table. He got ready quicker than normal, and tried to rush us out the door.

"Why are you in such a hurry to get to school?" Alistair demanded, starting the car. "Um, hello! Do you not remember that beautiful man from yesterday? He said he'll see me in school today and I've got to put on my charm."

I busted up laughing.

"Charm? That last time you tried flirting with someone you tripped, and then ran head first into a wall!"

Alistair started laughing as well and Lloyd sat back in his seat. After pulling into the parking lot and getting out of the car, we all headed for first period. Logan was sitting in Alistair's desk so be took the seat next to me on the oppisite side.

"Hey, make it to school okay?" I asked, turning to face him.

"No, not really. I left at five in the morning to find it. Good thing i did too cause, I got lost and only just got here."

I couldn't help but feel bad for him. We made arrangements for him to follow us each day to the school, and offered to show him around town so he wouldn't get lost anymore, which he quickly agreed too. We parted ways at the end of class and Alistair told me he'd catch up in a bit, he needed to use the restroom. Making my way to second period, i sat at my desk, and waited for the teacher to start. Alistair still hadn't gotten to class by the time the bell rang. By the time the bell rang for lunch, i still hadn't seen him and started to get worried. Heading into the lunch room, i asked Lloyd if he'd knew where he was, but he had no idea. I took my seat next to him, and kept staring at the doors.

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