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Monday couple (Fanfiction)

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This is a monday couple fanfiction and it is just my pure imagination. Oh yeah, its my first fanfic and my english and grammer aren't that good. Thanks for supporting! 

P/S Monday Couple is a couple in a variety show called Running Man. They are both very cute!

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Chapter 1 : Confessing? 

It is monday again, the day when the running man members gather together to film a new episode. This time round, it is not jaesuk who reached first but Jihyo.  

She woke up extra early today,and excitement filled her as she make her way to the filming location.It has been a though week for her as she has to work day and night. The only place where she can play and relax herself is during the Running Man filming. She always loved mondays. 

Once reached, she saw staffs and PDs running all over preparing for the filming. This time round, the opening of the filming was held at a beautiful lake. 

Jihyo sighed and realised she was almost two hours early for the filming. "Pabo ya, why am i so excited? Its so early now!" she thought to herself. 

"Oh, Jihyo-ssi, you're early today.Very early. Why don't you take a nap at the bench over there" said Jo PD as he see her wandering around,pointing to the bench right beside the lake. 

Jihyo make her way to the bench and enjoy the morning scenary of the lake. "It would be so good if my house is right infront of the lake.Ah~The smell of the fresh air,REFRESHING!" she mumbled to herself softly thinking that no one would hear it as the bench is located at the corner of the lake and everyone is busy. 

"It's easy, just build one here",suddenly a familiar voice teased her from her back. "Wow, my mong ji is early today!",he said. She turned her head and saw Gary making his way towards the bench. "Yah! Gary Oppa,you gave me a fright!",she shouted. "Oppa,you're early today. It is one and a half hour before the filmi...." Gary cut off her sentence by handling her a cup of hot Americano. "For jihyo!",Gary said. "Jinjja?(Really) Oppa thank you! Wow, Kang Gary is really manly today."Jihyo said and started sipping her cup of coffee. 

Both of them sit without a voice while Jihyo is enjoying her Americano and Gary starring at her. Feeling weird and realised it,Jihyo asked "Oppa,what makes you buy this cup of Americano today? I thought you're choice is always Caramel Machiato?". "I've said it earlier,it's for my mong ji", Gary claimed it with a sincere smile. "YAH! Stop lying oppa, how would you know I'm here this early",Jihyo shouted while hitting Gary's head. "Ah! Stress! I've been here even earlier. I got no work yesterday and woke up extremely early today. You must be so blur that you didn't even realised my existance",Gary explained and pouted. "Ah,Jinjja? Im sorry I didn't realised, Thanks Oppa",Jihyo said in guilt and pouted as well. Gary smiled watching her Mong Ji pouting and blaming herself. To him,it is just pure cuteness. 

It's one more hour before filming starts and non of the member is still there. Jihyo finished her cup of Americano in a blink of an eye and the morning breeze is making her shiver in coldness. Gary saw her rubbing her palms against each other and without thinking much,he took her hand and started rubbing it to make her feel better. Jihyo was literally shocked by her Oppa's act. They were never this close before when there were no filming. It seems normal for him to take care of his Monday grilfriend,but this time round,there's no camera,no other people,but only the true Kang Gary. She stared at him and felt touched for all he did for her. 

"You can't fall sick alright?You look so tired recently and Oppa won't let my girlfriend fall sick",Gary said while giving her a charming smile,still holding her hand. Jihyo was startled by what he said and the main thing is, Gary actually called her as his girlfriend,without the word 'Monday' in the front. 

After a few minutes, Jihyo felt better and warmer. She then sits closer to Gary feeling more comfortable with him. "Jihyo yah...Oppa always wanted to ask you this....",Gary said suddenly and slowly held both of her hands.  

[End of Chapter 1] 


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