Tiny Klaine Stories: Take me as I am (part2)

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{Heeeey beautiful klainers & gleeks! Here you go with the second part. Let's see if I can get to 220 reads after this, I already have 190, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! xx

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_:"Wh-What did you just say?" Said Brad as he remained in his place not moving a foot.

_:"Take me as I am." I said turning to him.

_:"How do you even dare saying that?!" He came one step closer. I smelled fear.

_:"I... I... There's nothing I can do about it..." I said gluing my gaze to the floor.

_:"SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" He shouted & lunged.

_:"It's not my fault that I like boys instead of girls." I said moving back ward.

_:"That can't be happening. That's insane. THAT CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!! No! No Hummel is a fag!" He said, pure anger rushing all over his body & with what he said it rushed through mine as well.

_:"STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!" I shouted back with a high voice.

_:"You are not a fag. You're a Hummel!" I couldn't understand what was wrong with him. My father supported me perfectly so I thought his brother would too.

_:"I'm not sorry." I spitted making Brad way angrier.

_:"Stop it, stop it, STOP IT YOU GOD DAMN CREATURE!!!" He shouted & punched me in the face, in a way I'd never been punched. I couldn't even feel my cheek.

_:"What is your problem?" I screamed, pain flowing all over my face.

_:"What's my problem? Having a nephew like you! That's my problem." And with that he started to hit me some more.

_:"You" punch in the arm, "Are" punch in the stomach, "not" slapping my face, "gay!!!" Kick. I fell down on the kitchen floor, trying to feel something but I couldn't feel any part of my body, all I could do was crying my eyes out because of the enormous pain. He's such a strong man. He then kicked me some more yelling some stuff like:"I will cure you" or "You are not a Hummel" and these.




_:"All that I can remember after that is me getting out of the house. I took a taxi & gave your address subconsciously." I finished & took a deep breath before looking at Blaine. When I looked at him, pure sorrow was all over his face.

_:"I'm so sorry to hear those... Kurt, you can't go home..."

_:"This is how life is for people like us. Others won't ever understand us... They'll blame us for something we can't do anything about..." I closed my eyes & tears started running down my face.

_:"Kurt... Don't cry, baby. Shhhh... It's okay..." He said taking my hand & kissing it several times. Having him was all I needed. He was always so supportive but even he couldn't do a thing about uncle Brad.

_:"It's not okay... We are..." I couldn't finish & instead started crying so hard.

_:"Oh lord... Pleaseee don't cry Kurt! That breaks my heart..." He said standing up. I saw a tear running down his face. Aw Blaine!! I scooted so that he could sit beside me & with no word he did so & I put my head on his shoulder, still crying. He wrapped his strong arms around me, kissing my head.

_:"I'm here... No one is allowed to touch you now. No one can hurt you. I won't ever let you go!"

I buried my head into his chest, soaking his shirt with my tears. Having him by my side made me feel like I was safe. I wrapped my arms around him just to make sure that he's all mine.

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