A Fresh Start

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I stand here ready to violate the graduation code of conduct

by cheering and casting my grad cap deep into the gradient of blue high above

I close my eyes, isolating the drone around me into a layer of silence

as I envision high school melting away into the featureless suburban horizon

 reflected in my Corolla’s rear-view mirror

I then see myself three months into the future

sitting on the light rail

excited for my first day of college

Trying to find my classes

in libraries and departments with infrastructures 

more complex than a termite colony

 and stopping to listen to debates about new, strange, and fascinating topics

Encountering new, eccentric, open-minded, and sophisticated people

and making new friends

to eat takeout, study, laugh, shop, party, chill, struggle, spectate, and learn with

Delving deeper into my passion of creative writing,

exploring a parallel universe that I just barely tapped into

I don’t know what my major will be yet

but I know it will have writing somewhere in it

Rallying the basketball team to win 

and joining some of the clubs

becoming one with the whole

Staring off into the three hundred and sixty degree panorama of jagged, manmade skyline 

with colossal buildings of glass panels shinier than the sea itself,

 brick smokestacks old as my parents,

and graffiti more colorful than the rainbow

I see the new and enchanted time

The breeze gently lifts my lips into a smile

as I open my eyes and let the drone back in

My cap is resting on the astroturf

and it has never looked so damn green

Before I know it I’m running off the stage

Shoving my way towards my family

I hug my mom, dad, grandparents, brother, two aunts, and uncle

Together, we weep, laugh, and bliss

celebrating the transition to a fresh start

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