Abused Mate #6

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Hey guys sorry it's been so long I have had so much going on right now... I'll try to make the chapters longer from now on-- let me know what you think!
After I had walked away from my so called "mate" I warn straight up to my room and started thinking about my life and how nobody even cares about me. I mean if I wasn't the alphas mate do you really think that anybody would have treated me differently? Do you think that they would have stopped abusing me? Would they have stopped making me do all of their chores, clean up after them, make their beds, do their laundry? No they wouldn't have even gave me another glance. So I decided that I was going to stop following orders stop making their food, doing their laundry and cleaning up after them, I was going to make them wish that they had never messed with me to begin with. But first I needed a new place to sleep in because let's face it the attic was not cutting it. So I went down to the alphas office also known as Cole and also known as my "mate", I didn't care what was going on in his office I just walked right in like it was my own. As soon as I entered his office Cole said, "Olivia? what are you doing in here, I didn't think that you wanted to talk to me?"
"I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be sleeping in the attic and I will be moving to a new room that is fit for me to sleep in and I also want to let you know that I will no longer be doing any of the chores in the pack house, and one more thing, I want an allowance like every pack member gets and I would like to go shopping sometime this week." And with that I left him and whoever was in his office looking like fish.
Eventually after my little speech in his office he ended up leaving his meeting early and helping me move my stuff into my new room. "No really alpha I can get it, I don't have a lot of stuff anyway it's no big deal" I said as I was trying to move some of my stuff to my new room which wasn't very far but he wouldn't listen to me at all. "Please call me Cole, and let me help you it's the least I can do after everything that has happened." He said meaningfully, with regret clear in his eyes. "Okay" I said quietly and led him down the hall to my new room. Once we got to my new room he insisted that he help me unpack and I didn't really have a choice in the matter considering that he wasn't going anywhere and he "wanted to make it up to me blah blah blah". So while we where unpacking he started talking to me, "So umm I know that I umm really don't deserve a second chance but could you possibly find it in your heart to forgive me and hopefully give me another chance?" He asked with puppy dog eyes (ironic huh). I looked up at him right into his blue eyes and I saw anger at himself, regret and could it be love? That can't be he hates me right? Even though I claim to hate him we all know that the mate bond is too strong for that, so as we were staring at each other we started getting closer and closer together until my eyes started fluttering closed and the next thing I know his lips touched mine.
Alright that is it for this chapter let me know what you guys think!!

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