chapter 4

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OCTOBER passed and Bella was in a depression, she would eat but was like a living zombie, but that didn't stop me from trying to get her out of it. i haven't had time for jasper leaving me hitting me. its like im under water and can understand everything, but i cant get through the water. maybe im too focused on helping Bella.


or December or January, but even though it had been 4 months,  i kept my promise to myself to help Bella but also help myself, that involved a lot of chocolate, ice cream, punching bags, movies and dart boards with jasper and Edwards face on them. surprisingly Bella hadn't turned to anger yet. i hadn't heard anything from her until one day when i was helping jacob with the rabbit.

a roar of an engine snapped us out of our fixing the rabbit. we walk out side to see a bright red car, the same red car i painted for Bella's birthday, and she exited. i race to her and hug her.

"hi Nina, why are you hugging me so tight" she asks me.

"i was so board without you, i had to be with jacob." i say joking and let go of her.

"Bella!" jacob says and hugs her. "where the hell have you been, loca?"

"i, uh." Bella puts a hand in her hair. "brought you something."


"its a little crazy." she turns to her bed of the truck and pulls off the tarp. underneath lay three motorcycle frames.

"wow. scrap metal, you shouldn't have?" jacob says.

"not just any scrap metal, jacob." i say stroking the bike.

"is it a good bike?" Bella asks.

"is it? its one of the best. the other two are almost as good." i say. "where did you get them?"

"i saved it from the junk yard. i think they'll cost more to fix then their worth, but then i thought that if i had a mechanic friend to help me out." she says looking at Bella.

"ah, but you have two." jacob says.

"thank you coby." i say to him.

i point to the red truck. "by the way, good job on the truck jacob. but it needs just a little more fixing." i say.

"since when were you into motorcycles?" jacob asks, im also curious.

"since now." i laugh, everyone heals differently, i guess this is how Bella heals. "i get it if you think that this is really stupid and reckless."

"yeah i mean its completely stupid and reckless." jacob says. "when do we start?"

"um, now, please. Nina you can help too, on that bike that you really like." she says.

"i was planning on it, but first i gonna fix the truck." i say.

"all right." jacob says.

"oh, hey be careful, those things are really heavy so..." she says. but jacob with ease lifts the motorcycle out of the truck. why do these symptoms seem familiar?

"Jake, your like buff." she says as he puts it in front of her. "how did that happen, your like 16. i dont get it."

"mmm-hmm. age is just a number, what are you like 40 now?" he says.

"it feel like that sometimes." she says. we start wheeling the bikes into the garage.

i drop the bike off and go and start on the truck. i put the front and get out my tool box.

"oh jacob, have i taught you nothing?" i murmur and start playing music through my head phones.

reflection by fifth harmony plays through the headphones, i sing along with the song.

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