Chapter 3

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*Hope Pov* 

"You have to let me out! I wasn't even on the land" I cried out to the guards. "Shut up or else" He yelled back to me. "Or what you'll hit me go head nothing that hasn't been done before" I shouted back. I didn't hear an answer back but I heard foot steps come back to me. "Let's go girl" the guard spoke opening the door. I walked out of the cell but was grabbed in the arm by the guy. "I can fucking walk my self" I spat at him trying to get out of the grip another guard grabbed my arm harshly probably leaving bruises. "Let me go" I said trying to get out. "Knock it off" The guard spat at me bring me to a door. "Alpha we brought her" The other one spoke. "Let her in" I heard a voice say roughly. They opened the door and threw me in. "Who are you and what were you doing on my land" "I'm Hope and I wasn't on your land in the first place" I said with venom laced in my voice. "What do you mean?" He questioned ignoring my ruff voice. "Whoever brought me here shouldn't of you guys broke a law or whatever they took me off of no mans land and brought me here I was just taking a break from running" I said. "I'm sorry but, may I ask you why your all beat up and why were you running away?" He asked. "I was the packs punching bag and i'm running from my mate" I spoke. "And why were you?" He questioned. "He was rude and hated me and also made me a pack slave" I spoke. "Why were yo-" He started but was cut off by the phone ringing. "No- I'm sorry but I don't think that's such a good idea right now- Okay I hope you find her-You too bye" He said before hanging up the phone. "Who was that?" I asked. "That was just Alpha Jackson Smith and Beta Justin Rein from The Blood Moon Pack asking if they could come on my land and search for you I told them it's not the right time"he said. I started to panic he's gonna find me. "I gotta go before they find me I can't go back" I said in a panicked tone my breathing started to come out in short pants my chest tighten and my heart started to pound. "Hope" The Alpha said. I had forgotten to ask his name. I shook my head and backed up. Every time I backed up he would could forward. I was then in the corner of the room. Black spots dotted my vision. I could see his lips moving but I couldn't figure out what he was saying. That's when I passed out. I could fell my body going limp and then falling forward. Darkness was all I could see. 

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