Chapter 21

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Since Cliffy was called twice, I uploaded a little earlier than normal.


She's been missing for a week. Brianne called me frantic that Carmen didn't come back from the bathroom of the restaurant that they went to for lunch. We met her at the front door of the restaurant and then went inside looking around the bathroom. There was no sign of foul play. I hope she's okay.

Agent Holmes and Yard questioned the waitress that took care of them while they were there. She said that she didn't suspect anything. She said that they were at the table talking and laughing. So right now, we're trying to figure out what happened to her. We haven't been able to pick up a signal on her clothes yet. We did find her cellphone on the other side of town in the middle of the street.

Agents Yard and Holmes have questioned Brianne several times and she still comes up with the same story. I know that she knows something, but isn't telling us. We asked Ray why he wasn't there with Carmen and he says that he woke up at his desk at work. He doesn't even remember going there that morning. Brianne says that he told her that he had an emergency at work and that he would text me, so I would go back home. I thought the text that Carmen sent me was strange.

The alarm company says that Ray's code is what let him inside of the building so he must have went in early. I hope he wasn't sleepwalking or something. I'm at my wits end trying to figure out what happened to her. "Samson, you need to go get some sleep. You're not helping anything right now. You haven't slept since she went missing. I'll stay here and will wake you up if they find anything. We have a cot set up in the back for you." Brock tells me.

"I can't sleep until I find her." I tell him. "But if you get a nap in, maybe something that is eluding you will pop up. You can't function right now, because you literally haven't slept for seven days. You need to get some sleep. Even the agents have slept in intervals." Brock says. I shake my head. "Here, at least have something to drink." He hands me a coca cola. While I'm drinking it greedily, happy for the caffeine, he tells me, "Melanie and the girls are all very upset that she's missing. They are constantly questioning Brianne about what happened. They don't trust her."

I'm not really trusting her either. But I have no proof that she did anything so I'll leave her alone for now. I feel my eyelids start to droop uncontrollably. "What did you give me?" I ask Brock. "Just a little sedative. You'll sleep for a few hours and then you can wake up refreshed and look for her some more." He tells me as my eyes close into a deep sleep.


I don't know how long I've been here, I do know that I'm freezing. I also remember everything. The guys who did the bombing, are the ones who have me now. When I get out of this, I will stomp Brianne in her head. I'm down to my underwear in a very nice bedroom, someplace in this house. It does have a bathroom, but I'm sitting up so high, that I can't jump out of a window. I have to come up with some plan of attack.

There's a soft tap on my door, before it opens. I'm past being shy around these guys. They don't know that they are going to do with me yet and they're too stupid to even think about raping me. He walks inside with my lunch, "Here you go. I'll be back in a little bit to pick this up, so eat."

"Can I have some clothes? It's cold and I don't want to have to stay under the covers. I wear a size six." I ask. He looks at me like he's just noticing that I'm wearing only underwear. "We'll see what we can do." He says and walks out the door. I hear the click of the lock telling me that I just can't walk out.

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