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"babe! make a serious face!" hailey said to me as we tried to take a new selfie for the millionth time.

"okay, okay. let's try again." i said while laughing, and fixing my hat.

"1...2...3!" hailey said as she pressed the camera button. at that moment, i turned my bottom lip down and did another ugly face.

hailey got annoyed, but i can tell she still thought it was funny. "justin oh my god." She began, "It's going on insta anyway, i don't care." she rolled her eyes.

i laughed. "its because i love you baby."

she smiled. "love you too, stupid."

i puckered our my lips. once again, she rolled her eyes, but gave me a hug.


okayyy, after the long wait, i finally decided to make this sequel. i hope you like it so far?¿ im going to try to make this short and sweet.

- angelique xx 💘

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