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'Keri, hey how you doing?' Tessa smiled.

'Tessa, oh I'm nervous. I'm confused.'

'What are you nervous and confused about?' Tessa laughed.

'Nervous about coming there. Confused---about Max.'

Tessa was silent for a while, 'Keri I can understand you being nervous about coming here. How can you be confused about Max? Hell the guy cheated on you. You caught him red handed!

'He keeps calling me Tessa, begging me to take him back. I can't even begin to describe his text messages,' she sighed.

'Keri aren't you pleased you discovered Max's infidelity before you were married to him? Do you honestly feel comfortable resuming the relationship with him?'

'I don't want to Tessa,' she sobbed, 'but I---I still love him.'

Tessa inhaled deeply. 'Keri, perhaps a week away will do you good. You've never been to Britain,' Tessa smiled, 'there's lots to see, Medieval York; Picturesque Hyde Park; not to forget the museum and theatres, and that's barely scratching the surface. It really is all so beautiful.'

'You sound like a tourism agent,' Keri laughed.

''I do, don't I?' Tessa grinned. 'I've actually taken the time to see quite a bit in the three years I've been year. 'So if you agree to visit, I'll ask the boss for some time off,' Tessa bit on her lower lip.

'Oh will he give it to you?' Keri grinned.

'If I ask nicely, perhaps,' Tessa chuckled.

'How is it, working with your husband?' As Tessa was joint owner of GR Holdings, she was not technically an employee, though she respected, the office of the chairperson of GR.

'Amazingly well,' Tessa smiled. 'When Brad asked me to join him at GR, I thought one of us would strangle the other before the year was out,' she smirked, 'but we understand each other's parameters,' a soft laugh escaped Tessa's throat.

'Brad seems kind of ---intimidating,' Keri voiced.

'Of all the adjectives,' Tessa laughed softly. 'You're probably the first female to think so.'

'Sorry, first impressions,' Keri smiled, 'and the only time I met him,' she added. Tessa inhaled again. That was the day Keri had called Tessa's mobile to tell her, her husband was in her office. She was just returning from court. Brad had come to her office, to ask her to join him on a trip to England. Tessa could not forget that fateful day when Brad had ended their marriage, because he thought his marriage was going nowhere.

'He's mellowed in his old age,' Tessa laughed. 'We will have dinner together one evening.'

'Thank you Tessa. You are very kind, considering, we don't even work together anymore.'

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