Chapter Two

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Once we reached Charles de Gaulle airport, I immediately turned on my phone to text my brother and uncle. It really feels strange to be out of the country without them. I may sound like a clingy sister and niece but ever since our uncle took us as his own, we did everything together. He instilled in our minds the importance of family and how we have to cherish those we have left.

As we grabbed our luggage, I heard a sudden commotion by the conveyer belt to my left side. Apparently, some students lost their bags along the way so their things would be transported straight to the hotel once they found them. My brother and I desperately wanted to help Mr. Walsh with communicating with the airport staff. He looked like he was about to explode with the language barrier. We knew this because he turned red every time he started to stress out.

 Ethan and I could speak different languages, one of them being French. We took language classes ever since we knew how to talk. It was kind of a family tradition because every single one of my relatives whether I met them or not knew how to speak more than five languages. It was weird but my siblings and I never complained. Besides, we found it cool that we could speak in different ways other than English. Anyways, we were always told not to tell anybody about this thing we have. My brother and I stopped asking because every time we ask my uncle and Mattie, they would close off the conversation.

I had to stop Ethan who was about to take over Mr. Walsh. I told him that he could do it after everyone else left. He felt relieved once he spoke to the airline customer service agent. My twin brother was the kind of person who gladly helps out other people. So naturally the situation with our teacher would definitely aggravate him.

"What? Mr. Walsh was about to sh-…"

I laughed. "I know. But the look on your face after you talked to the employee was priceless. And it doesn't mean that Mattie and Uncle is not here you could start swearing."

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

As we were walking to the van or should I say bus that would bring as to the hotel, my brother stopped walking and was staring at something.

"Hey, are you okay?", I asked as I grabbed his arm and tried to make him look at me.

"I'm fine. I thought I saw someone following us. He was probably a tourist or some weird creep.", he replied thoughtfully. I knew he wanted to add some more but I didn’t pry anymore. I pulled him away from where he was standing and we started walking back to our group.

The car ride to the hotel was interesting. Mr. Walsh tried to entertain us along the way but he failed miserably because it was obvious that everyone including Ethan and I wanted to look through the window to see some of France's sceneries. Well, he did not get the hint so he continued to tell us some bad joke he knew from his college days.

As I continued to ignore him while sort of feeling bad for my teacher, I couldn't help but to gape my mouth open as I was awed by the buildings and people in the streets. There were tourists trying to take pictures of statues and the Eiffel Tower. There were street performers who were either singing while playing the guitar or a mime who was giving smiles on the onlookers faces. It was a very extraordinary sight. It was one of those moments when I realize how much I missed travelling. Looking back at my brother, I could see that he does too.

And suddenly the sightseeing was over because the car was slowly moving to the place where we will be staying. Here I thought the school was on a budget but we were all definitely surprised as we came out one by one from the car. The hotel was beautiful. It so grand that one could almost believe that this existed during the 18th century.

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