Chapter 53

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"Well, that's the last of it," I sigh, stretching my arms up high above my head. The hour I spent on the floor adding my collection of books to Tristan's bookcase has my body cracking wearily. The strenuous feat of moving is not something I look forward to doing again anytime soon.

Tristan looks up from his computer, looking particularly boyish in gray sweats and nothing else. "It's all put away?"

I gesture to his apartment; showcasing the little touches I've added everywhere. There is no mistaking an art lover lives here now. He smiles, leaning back.


I nod, standing up. "I don't feel so super right now."

His smile beckons me closer. "Come here."

I shake my head, chuckling. "I need a shower."

"I don't care." His phone rings as I'm leaning down to kiss him. I chuckle as he groans, shaking his head. "Ignore it."

My eyes roll back into my skull as I press my mouth to his briefly, pulling back.

"Don't miss that."

Reaching over, he glares playfully. "I'm gonna come in there and get you."

Blowing him a kiss, I grin. "I'll be waiting."


When he doesn't show even though my shower was long, I begin to feel worried.

I shouldn't... Maybe it's a conference call. Maybe there is something wrong at work. As I wrap a towel around my body and open the door to the bedroom, I pray it's one of those circumstances.

As I make it to the end of the hallway, I see him at the window, still on the phone. He's got one arm crossed over his body, making his back look like a vast landscape of muscle. I know he senses me here but he doesn't turn around.

"I see... Yes, I understand, officer."


My stomach drops. This isn't good.

He hangs up, sighing heavily. I pull my damp hair back from my face, waiting for him to look at me.

"Casey discharged herself from the recovery center. She's out. They just called to let us know."

God. My eyes close in anger. "She was in there not even a full weekend... I don't understand how she could- could be getting away with things like this."

"I don't know either but I'm starting to get real fed up of hearing that the police have nothing they can do about it."

"So, what happens now?"

He turns around, shaking his head. "The judge granted a temporary restraining order for you and I against her. There is really not much we can do... except heighten security measures, Genevieve."

"Okay." I nod, looking down. Even though the hate the idea to my core, I can realize that this isn't just Tristan being overprotective anymore. He approaches me slowly, tilting my head up with the curve of his index finger.

"A bodyguard will be able to keep you safe when we're apart."

"Will he have to live with us?"

His sudden smile is calming. "No... No. Baby, nothing's going to change. We're just being cautious."

My eyes close as his fingers lightly trace the curve of my jaw.

"Tristan, she's so crazy about you- I-"

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