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i walked along the unfamiliar gravel stone road and hung my head low. rain fell down from the sky like my tears, my hood protecting me from my usual love of rain. my trainers were soaked to the core half and hour ago and my jeans were soaked causing them to be uncomfortable.

i was not myself. that was one thing i was sure about.

i started shivering from the cold, wet rain.

but there was one thing i was sure about. i would return to myself in a little bit, unlike Bella i know how to deal with loss so that it doesn't drown you. my phone rang evrey five minutes, no doubt from the people back home, if i could even call it that anymore.

home is not a place, its a person. for me that was my mom, jasper the Cullen's, Alice...

i walk up the paved driveway, the unfamiliar driveway. the one that should be familiar but wasn't. i stood in front of the quaint two story house. i knock on the door.

"oh dear, are you alright?" a lady asks as she opens the door.

"no, but i will be. hi, my names Nina." i say and give her a small smile.

she smiles back at me, and i feel like ever since i heard the news, that maybe i would get better faster with their help.

it'll be alright.

and i believed.

"i didn't even get to say goodbye." 

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