The princes Killer Mate

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The Princes Killer Mate

When Taylor goes on one of her missions she is forced to go to a ball full of her own kind... werewolf's. but something every special happens at this ball where are meets Nick the price of her kind, her mate.

SHe runs out on nick to compete her mission, kill the rogue, and hunter that lay in the shadows of the ball. Taylor is a killer, but she doesn't kill for the thrill she kills to protect the people around her since her family was murdered by rogues and hunters. they call her the dark wolf. she is a hybrid half angel and wolf so she uses he looks. Be careful because her looks can and will kill.

Nick knight is the price of wolf. when he attends the ball to look for his mate he is surprised to meet a girl... he's mate, In a mask. They dance till she ran. She ran from him.

But nick will not give up on his mate he will find her and find out about her.She will be his .... forever.


Yes or no?

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