Chapter 31 | Wild cats

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Back in black my lovlies!! I really hope this chapter is good enough for you all, I had a lot of fun with it ;)
(I apologize for any mistakes lol, I didn't do a grand job editing) :p
Enjoy! ~
After that kiss, things had gone somewhat back to normal. Yet, there is still an underlining energy they can sense that's calling, summoning, them both.

There's so much to see in New York, and a few days becomes a week before Emma even realizes it; Because it's fun seeing the world with Killian. Discovering new things together and adventuring.

The warm sun is shining, the black pavement hot to the soles of their shoes as they walk into the New York Zoo. It took little to no begging from Emma to persuade him to take her after she mentioned possibly wanting to go.

"So What's on the top of the agenda to see today lass?" Killian asks, wrapping his arm around her shoulder before softly holding her into his side protectively.

Emma fiddles with a strand of her hair, twirling it between her fingers as she bites on her lower lip. "I really wanted to see the Clouded leopard Cubs... The zoo's website said they were just born a couple weeks ago, but we can do that when we get to it." She smiles, waving it off but Killian is having none of it.

"Nonesense darling, if you've got your heart set on a leopard... Then a leopard you shall have." He says smiling, pulling her excitedly to a sign that directs them all around the park until he finds the arrow with the shortest route to their enclosure.

Just like a man.... He can't stop and ask for directions. Emma thinks, rolling her eyes as she smirks at the back of his head. He's engrossed in reading some map insisting on trying to find a "short cut".

"There you are love," Killian hums proudly, all but puffing out his chest as he parks them next to the glass infront of the exhibit. Watching on as her face lights up as they look at the fluffy Cubs through the crystal clear glass. Her hand skimming the clear glass as a beaming smile lights up her features.

Killian looks on happily, moving to stand behind her. Tucking her tightly up against him as he holds onto her hip lovingly. His thumb stroking her there absentmindedly while he reins in his desire to nuzzle into her shoulder with people around.

He has to admit that the cubs are cuter than he thought they would be. But they don't compare to the Angel in his arms.

A door clicks coming from the room the kittens are being held in and an employee walks up to them and the group of people coming to surround them, around the glass.

The man in a Royal blue Zoo uniform begins to address the growing audience.
"We're just about to feed the Cubs, and were wondering if any of you would like to help. Can I get any volunteers?" He asks, his eyes scanning through the string of hopeful hands dancing in the crowd.

Emma shyly hesitates, but her heart picks up at the prospect of being so close to an animal she's dreamed of just seeing through glass. Killian notices her resistance, raising his hand before giving her an encouraging nod. She meets his blue gaze, and finally finds herself with a raised arm.

"How about you three?" The employee says, pointing to Emma, Killian, and a child next to them. Humbly, they walk through the crowd. Following the man into the room behind the glass. The floor and the walls are concrete, blankets and cat toys skater the floor.
"When they get a bit older they will be moved into an enclosure where they can be outside, and have areas to run around." He explains, handing Killian the first Lukewarm bottle full with formula milk before passing two more down the line.

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