Chapter One

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It is one of the natural causes that happens around the world. It is the one that takes away lives. It took away my parents in a blink of an eye. I don't remember much of that night but my older brother, told me that it was a horrible accident. A drunk driver hit us while we were driving to our cabin on a summer night. I am not sure if I should be glad that I did not see my parents for the last time moments before the crash or mad at myself for being unconscious.

I miss hearing my parents' excited voices as they cheer as on every time my brothers hit a goal or when I receive certificates for being a good student. It certainly was awkward when it was my Uncle who attended the PTAs at our school. Every board member and volunteer parents knew that we, the Croft children, were parentless. I could see pity and sadness in their eyes each time they pick up my classmates and friends from school.

You see, my brothers and I were picked up last due to my Uncle's job. I never really mind because I was content with my siblings' company.

Now, standing by their tombstones, I wonder what my parents would say to me and my brothers as we continue to excel in school after their deaths. I know they would be proud but I just want to hear them say it.

"Come on, sis. We'll be late for the flight", Ethan said as he stood, looking around the cemetery.

Oh, right. I almost forgot about that. Now that I'm thinking about it, our flight to France is in 2 and a half hours. Crap. I hate being late. It is the one of the things I picked up from our parents aside from the weird habit of looking around--making sure that no one is following--and the weirdest yet most useful one that everyone in the Croft family is light on their feet.

We have this tendency to walk around places without anyone noticing. It really creeps out our friends. We don't really know why, but honestly I haven't even heard my own footsteps.

As Ethan and I gave them our last goodbyes, we left the cemetery and entered our family van.

"Are you guys excited for your grad trip?", Mattie asked.

"Do you think Suze wouldn't be excited? She practically packed her closet.", exclaimed Ethan.

He was obviously exaggerating. I mean, I only brought my necessities like casual clothing, party clothing, my bikini, sleepwear, shoes, makeup, toiletries… you know, essential stuff.

"Oh hush you, Ethan. I need to be prepared. We are, after all, going to the City of Love. Plus cute guys will be around every corner!", I explained.

"Girls", both my brother whispered while shaking their heads.

An hour and a half later we finally reached the airport and I looked around to see if my friends were around. Ethan grabbed a trolley and placed our bags on top of it. Before leaving, we turned to Mattie for our goodbyes.

"Don't party too hard kids", said Mattie.

"Oh please Matthew. You're only 5 years older than us. Plus we could take care of ourselves.", Ethan said while rolling his eyes.

Even though Matthew or Mattie as I call him was older than us by 5 years, he took it as his responsibility to be our father figure and mother figure. I mean, our Uncle was there, of course, but he still doesn’t care. He always makes sure we sleep early, eat properly and studied hard. So, one can say that he had to mature at an early age. Sometimes, I feel bad for him, but most of the time I was grateful.

"I know. It's just that this will be the your first time leaving the country without any family members. I want you to be careful.", he said.

Ethan would never admit it but he admired Mattie. You could see the twinkle in his eyes every time our older brother gets awards or has done something he thinks was cool. There was one time before Mattie's  soccer game…

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