Chapter 22

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Alec's p.o.v

"Alpha!" I heard Liam behind me but I ignored him and ran after Emily.

"Alpha!" Liam shouted just as the van drove away. I turned around and growled and Liam.

I shifted back and he handed me a pair of shorts.

"What!" I shouted

"Nobody is that badly injured but you need to stay here. I'll go after Emil-"

"Beta! Natalie she's hurt" someone shouted and Liam ran back to the pack house. I ran after him and inside to see Nat laying on a sofa and Liam hugging her.

"Are you okay Nat?" I asked and she nodded

"I'm fine. But they ran away" she sighed and I nodded

"Do you have any clue who they were?" I asked and she nodded

"They're vampires. But this guy called Ben, he's a wizard. I think" she explained and I nodded

"Liam stay with her. I'm going to go find Emily" I muttered and he shook his head standing up

"Look Alec. I'm not being mean, but you won't he able to find luna now. She's gone to far. So why don't you call Jaxon. He must know a way to find her" he said and I nodded pulling my phone out.

I called Jaxon's number and after a couple of rings he picked up.

"Alpha King" he answered

"Jaxon. I need your help. We were under attack and someone has taken Emily-" he growled

"On my way" he hung up

"I'll be in my office" I muttered and walked away.

I went inside my office, and to the computer. I have no idea where Emily is. Just then the door opened and Nat walked in,limping.

"Nat!" I stood up and walked towards her.

"I'm fine. Just a twist in my ankle" she said as I helped her to my chair. She sat down and I pulled another chair closer to her and sat on it.

"You should be res-"

"Alec. I know you too well and I know your disappointed. Why?" She asked and I shook my head

"I'm not. Nat you need to-"

"Alec!" She exclaimed

"I am disappointed Nat." I sighed

"But in myself. That I don't have any idea where Emily is. What type of mate am I? I mean if you went missing, not that it would happen, but Liam would know where you were. I don't have a clue" I told her and she stood up

"Alec it's okay. It's okay to cry a little as well. I've never seen you so happy with Emily. And I know you will be able to find her" she hugged me.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and sighed.

"I don't know what to do Nat. I feel useless" I whispered

"Alec. If your useless then I am as well. You think of me as your sister right? And I'm not useless! So you're not. You and Emily haven't been together for that long, but you have completed the mating. So you can try to communicate with her threw your own mindlink, maybe it could work" she said letting me go and I looked up at her.

"Look! Your crying!" She exclaimed wiping my eyes and I chuckled

"Do you love Emily Alec?" She asked seriously

"What question is that Nat? Of course I love her. I love her so much Nat. I love her that it-"

"Okay! I understand. And I know you do. So for her to know that you love her, you need to get her back. Before anything happ-" I shook my head and stood up.

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