Chapter 21

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             As expected the test I give is better than I had been thinking when Mr. Waters first announced it. I didn't finish it early or stuff. Nope. I was still struggling till the end of the class but I did fairly well. At least I would get a B on it and that's good with only a few hours of study. I beam at Xavier as we both leave the class.

"How did the test go friend?" He says and I laugh.

"I can't believe I did so well with just a few hours of study. Again all thanks to you. Friend." I say and he chuckles as we walk towards my next class. It's with Chase and I dread it but for now, I push that thought away.

"It's not all me Sammy. I know you were up late yesternight." He winks and I smile as we reach my next class. He is just so nice sometimes. Keyword-sometimes.

"Sam!" I hear a shout and groan internally. It's Chase again. Xavier and I both look up to find him coming towards me across the hall. I feel Xavier stiffen beside me but I can't be sure.

"Who's that?" He questions.

"No one significant. I'll go now. See you later." I say hurriedly and enter my class. I take refuge beside a girl I barely know. The only reason I do this is that both the seats in front and behind of this desk are occupied so Chase can't pester me. The girl next to me as I now recall is Charlie. She smiles politely and I return the gesture. Chase looks at me dejectedly. He is about to come to my bench but the professor enters making him retreat in his actions. He takes the nearest seat possible to mine and I want to punch him now. He has to let me be. Cheater!

      The class gets over pretty soon and I dash out as soon as I can. I enter the hallway and Chase falls into step beside me.

"Sam please listen to me. Come on babycakes." He says and I ignore. I thanks my stars when I spot Carly waiting for me outside the English class. She immediately comes by my side when she spots the douchebag and drags me in before he can say anything.

"He is still pestering you isn't he?" She asks and I nod groaning.

"Yes, Carly. Sometimes he acts up so well. I literally think about forgiving him." I say and Carly stiffens.

"You aren't serious about that, are you?" Her tone admonishing.

"I-I don't know. I mean he is so persistent. And the look on his face is so desperate. I almost feel like believing him.'' I say, my tone exasperated.

''You know it's a trap, Sam. A facade. You gotta be a strong girl. Okay?'' She asks and I nod.

''Yeah. I guess you are right.'' I sigh and Carly smiles. 

''Well how was your test by the way?'' Carly questions as we take a seat.

"It was better than I expected. Xavier really helped me a lot." I say truthfully. Carly wiggles her eyebrows and I swat her playfully. The class begins and we both turn our heads.

         After the class, being a cheerful mood, I excuse myself out of visiting Bella and Carly today after school. They both agree readily and Bella agrees to tell me about her date with Alec at night. I grin at her cheerfulness. Alec sure has something coming his way. I drive back from school and grab a sandwich from the fridge. I heat it and head to my room. I squeal in horror as I see a figure sitting in my room.

''Oh my God Xavier. What the hell are you doing here?" I say, my voice quivering a bit.

"I just thought I deserve a treat in exchange for teaching you yesterday." He shrugs with his signature smirk on.

"But wait- how did you get in here?" I ask, glancing at my spread apart curtains and open windows. Xavier rubs the back of his neck and looks at me sheepishly.

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