Chapter 28: Light and Dark

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Meathil stood shocked as the princess communicated with Deigil so calmly. Rivornor seemed unfazed by this event and even was offering himself to help the princess. What in the hell was going on? They said they were old friends, but how could they be old friends, when Deigil was 17 and the princess was 112 years old. Nothing made sense, no on would answer her questions either unless they were about the boy laying in front of her. He was motionless on the bed, didn't move, and barely breathed. What was going to happen, the thoughts ran through her head, or him dying, of him surviving. But then the scariest thought pranced through her mind, if he survived, would he remember her? Would he still have his memories? Or would he be wiped of that too? A life where Eglanor was alive and well, but had no memory of their past of their relationship, no idea who she even was. That was the scariest thing that could happen, because if he died, at least he would rest in peace, and still the memory of her would be in his mind.

"We need to work fast, how long has the magic been cast on him?" Deigil asked the princess. He'd been under a mind control magic this whole time, it was why he was trying to stay away from her.

"Around fifteen days, I don't exactly remember when I cast it." Wait. She was the one who cast the magic on him? How could they trust her?! How did Deigil trust her? There were too many questions rattling in her brain, all searching for a way out.

"What exactly is going on? That's what I would like to know, what is this magic? And why did you cast it? If you're helping us now," Othes asked, the vice captain not hesitating to question the princess all she wanted. Truthfully Meathil just couldn't bring herself to even speak right now, not after all that had happened. Deigil didn't answer, probably because she didn't know exactly what was going on with Eglanor.

"I placed mind control on him, but trust me when I say, I didn't want to." Meathil's bracket was slowly getting closer to her, their hands on the hilts of their swords and weapons, waiting to strike if needed. "He was resisting the task I gave him, or technically the queen gave me to give to him. Therefore the magic was slowly sucking away his life force in exchange for not completing that task." The magic had done this? And it was the queen, but couldn't the princess have disobeyed her mother? It would've been hard she supposed, the queen is still the queen. But, if Eglnaor was avoiding his task...

"What was this task? And why couldn't you have stopped this before?" Meathil blurted out, she didn't care how desperate she sounded, because she was desperate.

"He...His task." The princess cleared her throat, causing the room to go silent, and a wave of dark energy swept over them. "His task, given to me to give to him by the queen, was....He...He had to kill you, Meathil." She stopped, she didn't want to talk anymore. Just what the hell was this queen trying to do? Was this her way of torturing her? Because even though she hated to admit it, it was working. "And, I-I couldn't have stopped it even if I wanted."

"And why not?!" Hyril asked aggressively, she was getting pissed off. Meathil was far from being pissed off, she was furious, mixed with the feeling of your heart being squeezed.

"Because I wasn't in control of my actions, and Eglanor knows that. I told him not a while ago, that I really didn't wish to bring any harm to any of you. If you're friends of Deigil, then I would never lay a hand on you. But, My mother has had me under the spell herself ever since the Sky and Sword War. It's been more than ninety years, and I've been obeying my mothers every will. If I could, I would take it all back." She wasn't the one to blame, she was not even evil. It was her mother this whole time? Her mother who was forcing her to become the wicked princess she'd met in the sea dragons eye. How did she really know Deigil? And how well were they connected? If the princess was admitting this to them now.

"So, you don't agree with what your mother is doing?" Meathil asked, still yearning to know more.

"No. I don't. My mother is a sadistic, psychotic, masochistic woman who is engulfed in her own power and ability to kill. I would never follow her on my own will, it's just, she has complete control over me right now." She almost felt sorry for the girl, it was either she lost her life, or obeyed her mother. There was no way to be in the middle. But there was just too much stuff that she'd done to her and her bracket that couldn't be forgiven, not yet.

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