Chapter 51

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That night at home had been more than awkward, and so when Vicki text me and invited me out, I was more than welcoming to the idea. My arm was still pretty sensitive, and my mother had been prying constantly as to who I had been talking to.

I had arranged to meet her outside a small café in the centre of town that we used to go to all the time after school.  I was looking forward to talking to her again. Finally.

However, my relief was taken away as Matt decided that he was going to take me. Not that I didn’t want him to, or that I didn’t want to be around him, but I just didn’t want my mom to suspect anything more than what she already was doing.

I’d asked him to pick me up around the corner.

As I got into the car, I laughed to myself about how strange it must have been for my neighbours to see me acting so suspicious. Needless to say that someone would mention something.

“If she doesn’t turn up, I want you to call me straight away” Matt told me for the tenth time as we were driving.

“Okay. I will, I will. Matt, don’t worry. And drop me off somewhere where she won’t see you. If she knows that we’re together I have no idea what she’ll do” I told him.

“I know that” he smiled. “Don’t worry.”

Vicki and I hadn’t spoken at all since Jenna’s little soirée over a month ago, and she hadn’t returned any of my texts.

When she did finally return my calls, she seemed distant on the phone. But I suppose that was expected.

Matt dropped me off around the corner of the café, and I kissed him hurriedly before getting out. I made a mental note of not doing it in public, for I had no idea who could see us.

I walked up to the café and sat down, waiting in our usual spot as the minutes ticked over, and Vicki grew more and more late.

So, as I sat in our old, familiar seats I waited for her to turn up. She was over a half hour late and I was beginning to question that she would even turn up. I didn’t even know how I would get home if she didn’t come. She was supposed to be driving me home.

I must have looked extremely stupid to the people and the employees around me, for I was onto my second drink and even then I was almost finished that.

Beginning to contemplate what I was going to do – if I was going to wait any longer or not – Vicki walked around the corner and up to the café.

She stood in front of the table, and I sat opposite her. We did nothing but stare at each other. I didn’t know what to say to her.

We had really been in the same situation as each other, only I had gotten away with it. So, of course there would be some hostility. There was bound to be. Hell, I would probably be the same in her situation.

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